Kiwibot launches delivery service at LMU

Kiwibot operates on the sidewalk and avoid obstacles as it drives to a delivery spot for a customer. | Credit: Kiwibot

Kiwibot, recently announced the launch of its first High-Driving Automation Campus at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). The campus currently has 25 self-driving delivery robots deployed to deliver food to students on campus.

High-driving Kiwibot robots take student orders, then plot out many possible routes to the designated destination, each of which includes warnings in the case an unexpected obstacle or event appears along the way. Within the confines of a university campus, Kiwibot supervisors can click a place on a satellite map, and the robot will find its way there autonomously.

The concept of high-driving adds new features and functionality to the navigation and path-planning system for Kiwibot. The result should be more efficient deliveries that ultimately optimize the utilization of the robot fleet deployed at a specific campus.

Kiwibots accomplish this by using RTK-GPS, a cutting-edge satellite service that delivers pinpoint positioning for autonomous vehicles. They use video data and AI to maneuver around obstacles, and they rely on a navigation system to plot out circuitous paths across multiple kilometers to go where they need to go.

Kiwibot’s new capabilities make it the company’s safest and most efficient robot. For LMU students, staff, and faculty, this means reducing the wait time for food deliveries and having a faster and safer service at cost-effective rates, while sharing their day-to-day with state-of-the-art technology around their campus.

“At Kiwibot we believe cutting-edge technology rolling through the campus will benefit the community by providing efficient delivery services and a source of inspiration for students. Their presence and purpose are to open minds and generate new, sustainable ideas that can improve their own and their community’s life,” said Felipe Chavez, co-founder and CEO of Kiwibot.

“After a successful launch of the Kiwibot delivery services last year, we are excited to participate in the implementation of this latest iteration in automated food-delivery technology,” said Andrew O’Reilly, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary and Business Services at Loyola Marymount University. “LMU has always been committed to building innovative partnerships, whether in the classroom, with the growing startup industries in Silicon Beach, or with campus vendors like Kiwibot. Our goal is to continue to introduce innovative service solutions to our campus community.”

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