Knightscope Goes Public Under Regulation A

July 24, 2019

KnightScope, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile security robots, announced today that its Reg A+ IPO has received qualification from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Note that we are not making any recommendations about investing in KnightScope securities with this ​news announcement. However, this event has been a long time in the making for KnightScope and we wanted to inform the Mobile Robot Guide readers about this important announcement by KnightScope. ​

KnightScope Will Go Public on Nasdaq

From the announcement; “Concurrent with the live offering and contingent upon various factors, including raising a sufficient amount of funds and meeting applicable listing standards, the Company plans to begin preparing an S-1 format Form 1-A and Nasdaq Capital Market application in anticipation of a possible public listing of the stock at the conclusion of the Regulation A+ Initial Public Offering. The ticker symbol “KSCP” has been reserved by the Company on Nasdaq.”

​KnightScope uses a Robots-as-a-Service Business Model

It is worth noting that KnightScopes offers its autonomous mobile security robots in a ​​Robots-as-a-​Service (RaaS) business model. Through this RaaS offering, KnightScope customers pay for the KnightScope solution on an hourly basis. This service is typically paid for out of operating expense budgets rather than capital expenditures. As a result, the customer never owns the robotic hardware, the robotic fleet is owned and operated by KnightScope. This RaaS business model is innovative and is helping to make KnightScope solutions affordable by a broader market. However, for KnightScope this means that their business model is heavily capital intensive to build and deploy a worldwide fleet of robotic security guards. The upside will come once KnightScope has built a revenue stream of recurring payments for their fleet of robots. Please refer to the financial details offered by KnightScope as they come to market as a public company.

More Information

​Read the full KnightScope Press Release here​.

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