LIMO is an open source mobile robotics platform

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The LIMO mobile robot is an affordable open-source development platform. | Image credit: LIMO

There are only five days left to get in on an affordable mobile robotic development platform. The LIMO is a $400 USD platform that includes 3D vision and a computing platform that can easily run ROS1 or ROS2, and Gazebo.

Four steering modes make LIMO an great platform for exploring different drive modes. The available modes are: Omni Wheel Steering, Tracked Steering, Four-Wheel Differential Steering and Ackermann Steering. Switching between modes can be completed in just 3 mins and they can meet the requirements for different environments including indoor and outdoor scenarios.

The platform is equipped with multi USB ports, and powered by Nvidia Jetson Nano. LIMO can be fully customized according to your needs. Other pieces of hardware can be attached to the ports to meet whatever requirements are necessary. Programming Demo, ROS Packages and Simulation powered by Gazebo are supported as well.

LIMO Product specs

LIMO is being produced by AGILE X, an AMR manufacturer. So while this new product is being launched on KickStarter, the company has been around since 2016, and has a reputation for developing a growing product line of AMR bases. The company is based in China and the founders and leadership come from other robotics companies such as DJI and Alibaba and Huawai.

NOTE: Buying into a KickStarter project has its own risks, The Mobile Robot Guide is not promoting this solution.

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