LionsBot releases sweeping and scrubbing robot

A large black sweeping robot with a bright blue light at the front in a warehouse.
LionsBot’s R12 Rex CS cleaning robot. | Source: LionsBot International

LionsBot International Pte Ltd, a manufacturer of professional cleaning robots with over a thousand robots across 30 countries, announced the launch of its newest creation, the R12 Rex CS – a cleaning robot designed to tackle warehouses, factories, distribution centers and large indoor spaces, eliminating the need for pre-sweeping and streamlining the process to keep facilities spotless.

The Rex CS boasts high performance and reliability, making it work in even the busiest and most demanding facilities. It provides 3D LiDAR coverage of 200 meters (219 yards) and 3D SLAM navigation, and can clean dynamic environments with intelligent path planning that adapts to obstacles on the fly, while picking up even the smallest debris.

The design includes a brush pressure of up to 95 kg (254.5 lbs), a cleaning width of 1,270 mm (4.17 ft) and twin cylindrical nylon-carbide coated brushes for a polished finish. The side brushes push debris inwards effectively, even from the edges of the walls, allowing the Rex CS to clean up to 9,290 square meters (100,000 square feet) in a single charge.

Built in Singapore, the Rex CS has a solid powder-coated steel chassis, a stainless steel brush deck, and a robust roto-molded tank. The robot includes the ability to swap batteries for double shifts, and an optional refuel station for autonomously recharging, draining waste water and refilling the clean water tank.

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The Rex CS can be controlled through a mobile app, the touchscreen, or manually and is centrally managed through LionsCloud on the web, with access to your entire fleet of robots. With less than 1 hour of training and 15 minutes of daily maintenance, the robot can be operated with proficiency and ease.

LionsBot is also committed to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. With every Rex CS sold, 120,000 liters (26,000 gallons) of water will be donated to bring fresh drinking water to villages in Bangladesh through their partner Charity: Water, and a mangrove tree will be planted in Indonesia to support coastal communities.

CEO Dylan Ng Terntzer said, “We are thrilled to launch the Rex CS, a cleaning robot that not only delivers superior cleaning results but also makes a positive impact in the world.”

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Brianna Wessling

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