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​Milvus was founded in 2011 by four college friends. Since then, the company has grown their autonomous mobile robot product line ​into unique solutions for a variety of markets. The company is based in Turkey, but serves a worldwide market including Europe and North America.

​Milvus just ​launched a new solution ​in response to the COVID 19 crisis. The SEIT-UV AMR is an automated, mobile disinfection unit designed to operate in healthcare facilities. Using an autonomous mobile system is the most ideal way of ensuring that every room in a healthcare facility or hospital meets strict hygiene standards, as ​the device has the ability to cover all major surfaces.​ The robot emits just the right amount of UV-C light and, in an average-sized room, can kill approximately 99.99% of viruses and bacteria within ten minutes – the perfect cleaning option for busy healthcare facilities.

Milvus SEIT-UV robots Robotic Solutions for Covid-19

The Milvus SEIT-UV AMR for hospital decontamination. (Image courtesy of Milvus)

​The Milvus MRP2 is a mobile research platform, designed for university ​and corporate labs who require an out of the box solution that is ready to run. The MRP2 is “ROS Ready” and features a 12 ​hour battery life. The unit can carry up to 25 kg (55 lbs). The robot can also be upgraded with vision cameras and more powerful processing unit.

​The core of the Milvus product line ​are the SEIT AMRs. These vehicles all have the same overall design and navigate your facility using natural feature navigation. There are three different models which can move material in three different payload levels: ​

Vehicle Payloads:

  • SEIT 100 : 100 Kg(220 lbs)
  • SEIT 500 : 500 Kg(1102 lbs)
  • SEIT 1500: 1500 Kg(3300 lbs)

​Robin is a smart service robot that provides an innovative, responsive and effective way of disseminating and transferring information. Robin’s mobility allows it to wander around safely and interact with people as desired. Its autonomous movement effectively eliminates the need for an operator whilst allowing Robin to bypass any physical barriers that may be in its path and setting precedence for seamless and dynamic movement through spaces. Robin utilizes artificial intelligence to structure its movement and for data collection processes.

Milvus Robotics Robin Robot

Milvus Robotics Robin Robot (image courtesy of Milvus Robotics)

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