MiR Launches a new more agile robot for general material handling tasks

​March 9, 2020Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) ​launched ​a new mid-sized autonomous mobile robot (AMR) at the MODEX 2020 show today. The MiR250 platform is an entirely new generation of AMR from the ground up. It is lower and narrower than any of its siblings, and ​features a whole new chassis design along with a new sensor, motor and battery package.

The company is targeting internal logistics applications with ​its range of robots. The maximum payload of 250kg (551 lbs) puts this AMR in the sweet spot for small parts handling applications. The smaller footprint will enable the vehicle to navigate through and around tighter obstacles.

“The more agile robots are, the more useful they become, especially in existing environments with tight spaces,” said Thomas Visit, CEO, MiR. “We are seeing huge demand from current and prospective customers for robots that can quickly and smoothly navigate through tight industrial environments such as door openings as small as 80 cm. The MiR250 is the answer.”

MiR launched their MiRGO partner program last year, and the MiR250 was designed to fulfill an expanded range of applications in a variety of markets when equipped with various different payloads from MiRGO partners.  With a lower profile, the MiR250 will be able to easily pick up and  ​transport carts. With it’s narrower overall footprint, the MiR250 is more agile than almost any other AMR on the market. This ​enables it to operate in narrower aisles.

​MiR250 Intro Video

​​The MiR250 travels at ​2 meters/second (4.47 mph) ​and has a footprint of 580 x 800 mm and a height of only 30 centimeters​. The robot also features a fast recharging battery with a spec’d operating time of 10hrs. However, the battery can also be easily swapped with a fully charged battery, enabling 24/7 operation.

MIR 250 and MIR 200 robots side by side

The MiR250 and MiR200 side by side. (Image courtesy of MiR)

​​​“Not only does the compact and agile MiR250 streamline logistics for companies working in tighter spaces, but the MiR250 can be charged twice as quickly as other small-sized mobile robots,” Visti added. “This corresponds to an extra three hours of operation in a 24-hour period for a robot that can operate around the clock. If you don’t want any downtime at all, it takes just two minutes to swap out the battery.”  

​According to the company, the MiR250 is the safest robot of its kind on the market, with artificial intelligence (AI) and other safety features built in. It also complies with all applicable safety standards such as the EN 1525:1997, the B56.5-2012 and the ISO/FDIS 3691-4.

​“The MiR250 is one of the few logistics automation robots of its size built solidly enough to meet the robustness requirements for industrial environments,” Visti added. “This is just one example of the deep understanding we have of our customers’ unique needs and challenges. This knowledge enables us to continue to create the innovative robots and supporting technologies they need to optimize logistics no matter where their company is within today’s supply chain.” 

MiR will be showcasing the MiR250 and its other AMRs in booth 9435 at MODEX in Atlanta, March 9-12.   

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