MiR releases new version of AMR software

Screenshot of MiR 3.0 software
New software release enables MiR robots to navigate efficiently – individually and in fleets up to 100 robots. | Credit: MiR

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) releases version 3.0 of its software for MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

The new version of software includes a number of new features and capabilities starting with improved navigation. The robots can now reroute smoothly, handle very large maps, switch maps fast, and interact  more easily.

The software includes revised planning and optimization algorithms.

Increased robot performance

The MiR robots complete missions faster thanks to an improved robot planner. The robot re-calculates routes faster, they switch missions faster, and they are able to support maps of very large facilities better.

Enhanced cybersecurity

Software 3.0 comes with enhanced cybersecurity according to IEC 62443 cybersecurity standard for industrial automation systems including.

  • Software code signing
  • Extended robot authentication
  • Update of the robot operating system

Even better ease of use

MiR robots are easy to use and that allows employees to interact easily with the robots. The new interface is even more intuitive than previous versions and ensures great user control, for daily users and for technical staff that are programming the robots.

MiR’s software consists of two main components – the on-robot software that governs an AMR’s individual movements and the centralized fleet control software – MiR Fleet. MiR Fleet is the brain that makes advanced AMR-based internal logistics possible; it controls the traffic of up to 100 MiR robots, it has an open API which enables you to integrate MiR’s robots into your other communication systems, such as ERP or WMS systems, and much more.

For more information and details on the new features, read the article on the MiR Academy website.

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