The Mobile Robot Guide is the ultimate resource for buyers who are in the market for an autonomous mobile robot.


The Mobile Robot Guide is launching this week in honor of National Robotics Week. The Mobile Robot Guide ( is an online resource targeting prospective autonomous mobile robot buyers and anyone who wants to learn about mobile robots. The Mobile Robot Guide features current news about autonomous mobile robots along with educational content to help educate new buyers about the solutions available on the market.

While there are many resources covering the broader robotics market, the Mobile Robot Guide will focus solely on topics related to mobile robots. The site features news, tips and vendor information. The cornerstone of the site is the annual Mobile Robot Buyers Guide, which reviews the state of the market and educates buyers about current applications and vendor solutions on the market. The 2018 Mobile Robot Buyers Guide will be published next quarter. The online version of the Mobile Robot Guide will be available free of charge, and an optional content upgrade (PDF and Kindle document) will be available to purchase for buyers who want to review the document offline.

“The mobile robot market is growing so fast and there are so many vendors entering this space that it can be confusing for new buyers to know where to start”, said Mike Oitzman, Managing Editor of The Mobile Robot Guide. “There is a real need for objective content that cuts through the marketing hype and provides an apples to apples comparison of the products available on the market”.

Verified Reviews is also a feature of the site. Product reviews collected from actual customers will be made available after verifying that the reviewer owns the product.

A premium (paid) feature of the Mobile Robot Guide is the GuruPRO™ Slack community. GuruPRO is a private community group on Slack which will bring together mobile robot users to connect with each other and share information about applications, vendors and experience with mobile robots. GuruPRO will be a valuable resource for new buyers who want to talk directly to experienced users prior to making any purchase.

Vendors have the ability to maintain their data in the product directory, submit job opportunities, as well as advertise on the site. The Mobile Robot Guide will maintain the most accurate database of autonomous mobile robot suppliers and their product offerings.

About The Mobile Robot Guide

The Mobile Robot Guide exists to educate prospective mobile robot buyers about autonomous mobile robots, applications and vendors. On the site, readers will find the latest news about autonomous mobile robots, along with educational content designed to help them make the right decision in purchasing and deploying an autonomous mobile robot.

Readers will also find the best collection of objective information about mobile robot vendors so that they can make an informed choice about which solution might be the best for their needs. The content on the site is available for free, but there are several premium products available for purchase that will help save time in the research for autonomous mobile robots


Mike Oitzman

Managing Editor

The Mobile Robot Guide


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Written by

Mike Oitzman

Mike Oitzman is Senior Editor of WTWH's Robotics Group, cohost of The Robot Report Podcast, and founder of the Mobile Robot Guide. Oitzman is a robotics industry veteran with 25-plus years of experience at various high-tech companies in the roles of marketing, sales and product management. He can be reached at