Mobile Robot Guide Releases Buyers Guide covering Autonomous Disinfection Solutions

June 3, 2020

Autonomous disinfection solutions have matured to the point that they are now viable options for facility disinfection to help organizations reopen businesses for the safety of their employees, customers, and the public.

(Penn Valley, CALIFORNIA, June 3, 2020) The Mobile Robot Guide, a publication of Market Spec Media, announced the release of the first Buyers Guide for Automated Disinfection Solutions. The Buyers Guide covers all of the autonomous mobile robot based facility disinfection solutions including UV light, biocide spraying, and air filtering options. The guide educates potential buyers about the technology and arms them with the vendor product technical specifications so that they can easily compare all of the current solutions on the market.

The Mobile Robot Guide ( is the leading online publication dedicated exclusively to covering news and information about autonomous mobile robots. The publication features daily news, product reviews, and educational content for potential automation buyers. The Mobile Robot Guide, 2020 Buyers Guide, Disinfection Solutions Edition is the first buyers guide to be published by The Mobile Robot Guide.

The Buyers Guide is ideal for facility managers, business owners, and management teams who are reviewing options for cleaning and disinfecting their facilities. To prepare the guide, The Mobile Robot Guide (MRG) collected technical specs for all of the automated disinfection solutions on the market. The MRG staff normalized all of the technical specs and developed a database of the product specs. From this data, the MRG editorial team reviewed, compared, and evaluated all of the solutions based on their product specs.

Mike Oitzman, founder and publisher of the Mobile Robot Guide said “We are excited to release our first buyers guide focused on a timely and critical need that facility managers and business owners are actively reviewing.” Oitzman went on to say, “AMRs have matured to the point that designing and deploying disinfection payloads on top of them is now a viable option. The number of solutions launched since January 2020, is overwhelming and we realized that our readers needed a thorough review of the market and an easier way to understand who the clear leaders are. The Mobile Robot Guide will continue to cover this market segment in detail as more solutions come to market.”

The Buyers Guide also includes educational content about the science behind UV light disinfection and its applicability to broad facility disinfection. Readers will come away with an understanding of how UV light works and what to look for in a productized disinfection solution. The guide also dives into biocide spraying so that readers will be able to decide whether this is a viable solution for their facilities’ needs.

The criteria for selecting recommended solutions was based on several criteria: (1) maturity of the solution; (2) completeness of testing/validation; (3) availability of complete product data, including product pricing and (4) production minimum of at least 50 units (at publication time). Two vendors received a “Mobile Robot Guide Recommended Rating”.

The editorial team discovered some interesting technology innovations in their research for the Buyers Guide. Four solutions received a “Mobile Robot Guide Technology Innovation Award”. The Technology Innovation Award winners are proof that AMR vendors are continuing to push the limits of creativity and engineering to meet market demands.

The Mobile Robot Guide Buyers Guide, Disinfection Solutions Edition is available for immediate download on the Mobile Robot Guide website. The documents cover technical specs for 40+ solutions, is 89 pages long and includes an ROI calculator (Excel spreadsheet) to help readers quickly understand the economics of their purchasing decision. The price for the Buyers Guide is $499 (USD).

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