Movu Robotics partners with DMW&H for pallet, case picking

Pallet on a shuttle in a Movu Robotics ASRS structure.
Pallet on a shuttle in a Movu automated storage and retrieval system. Source: Movu Robotics

Warehouse automation providers are continuing to team up to address new applications and markets. Fairfield, N.J.-based DMW&H this week said it has partnered with Lokeren, Belgium-based Movu Robotics.

Materials handling integrator DMW&H said it will offer its customers Movu’s warehouse robots for pallet and case picking.

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with Movu, which will bring together DMW&H’s proven integration solutions and Movu’s innovative and modular automation technologies, providing our customers with a powerful combination to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and throughput in their operations,” said Ray Haggar, president of DMW&H.

Movu Robotics automates pallet movement

Movu Robotics said its modular and scalable automation offers customers increased warehouse flexibility and efficiency. The company said it has built its portfolio around a range of sub-systems designed to provide energy-efficient robots that warehouses of all kinds can quickly and easily roll out.

These include the Movu atlas, a pallet shuttle system for multiple deep-lane storage; Movu escala, a 3D storage and fulfillment system; and the Movu ifollow autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for collaborative picking or transport of load carriers such as pallets. The portfolio also includes the Movu eligo picking arm robot and supporting software.

Movu Robotics is actively growing its partner channel. In November 2023, the Stow Group unit announced a collaboration with KPI Solutions, and in February 2024, it announced a partnership with Reesink Logistic Solutions.

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DMW&H brings warehouse integration experience

Established in 1964, DMW&H specializes in tailored material handling systems across diverse industries. The company claimed that its warehouse automation can help streamline business operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate overall supply chain performance.

“This partnership reflects our shared mission to deliver plug-and-play robotic solutions that contribute to our customers’ success, reinforcing our position as a leading material handling integrator with an expanded and cutting-edge portfolio of solutions,” said DMW&H’s Haggar in a release.

Nathan Richter, president of Movu Robotics, added, “[We’re] thrilled to announce our dynamic partnership between Movu Robotics and DMW&H. Together, we’re combining seamless plug-and-play solutions for easier automation with expert integration to redefine the future of warehousing and logistics. Our collaboration signifies a new era of innovation and efficiency in the industry.”

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