Netrush deploys Brightpick’s goods-to-person AMRs

Netrush, a US-based provider of integrated retail capabilities including logistics and data science, is deploying Brightpick’s robots in several processing facilities across North America.

Brightpick’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) will first be deployed on the floor of Netrush’s Hebron, KY-based warehouse. There, they’ll be retrieving storage bins from shelving and bringing them to centralized human picking stations.

“Building a culture to set our people up to succeed has always been a top priority for us,” Shane Atchison, CEO of Netrush, said. “One of the most critical parts of a growth-focused organization is a great employee experience. With our new Brightpick partnership, we’re innovating to deliver a more efficient logistics operations using a combination of smart people and cutting-edge technology.”

Brightpick’s goods-to-person system works with standard shelving that is assembled in days and can be easily reconfigured as needed. The robots automatically raise bins to waist height to enable warehouse workers to pick from them with minimal effort.

Each robot also carries a mounted tablet that is within easy reach of workers. The tablet tells workers how many items to pick from the bin. These features can cut fulfillment errors by more than 90% and drastically reduce the physical strain on warehouse workers.

Brightpick also offers an autonomous mobile picking robot called Autopicker. Autopickers move around warehouses, retrieving product store totes from shelving and robotically picking items from those totes to consolidate orders directly in aisles. If an item is too complex for the robot to pick, it will bring it to the nearest human to allow them to complete the pick instead.

Autopicker was featured in our roundup of some of the best robots at ProMat 2023.

The company’s system is available under two different purchasing methods, the first is a Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, which allows customers to automate with lower overhead costs, and the second is a capex model, which allows customers to purchase the robots outright.

Earlier this year, Brightpick announced that it brought in $19 million in funding, bringing Photoneo Brightpick Group’s Series B round to a total of $40 million. The company plans to use the latest round of funding to further expand into the US. This round brings Photoneo Brightpick Group’s total funding to date to $53 million.

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