OhmniClean is a lightweight autonomous disinfection solution

OhmniClean UVD Robot
OhmniClean has a small footprint, enabling it to get into tight spaces. | Image credit: OhmniClean

OhmniLabs introduces OhmniClean, a fully autonomous mobile robot that disinfects a facility utilizing the power of UV-C light. The complete solution weighs just 58 pounds.

OhmniClean is the one of the lightest UV-C disinfection robot available today and can disinfect a 3,000 sq ft space in less than 15 minutes.

OhmniClean robot
The OhmniClean UVC AMR is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. | Image credit: Ohmnilabs

“We developed OhmniClean to address a critical need in the market for fast, simple and effective disinfection,” said Tra Vu, chief operating officer at OhmniLabs. “At a time when sterile cleaning and infection control are top of mind, OhmniClean is helping to restore normalcy by simplifying existing cleaning processes and making disinfection more intelligent through providing access to efficacy and compliance data.. In addition, OhmniClean is made in the USA so we are able to bypass global shipping and supply chain issues currently faced by other manufacturers.”

UVC light is a proven disinfectant

The OhmniClean AMR is a late entrant into the autonomous UVC disinfection market. The Mobile Robot Guide has covered UVC applications since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020.

UV Light explanation
UV-C light is lethal to microbes and viruses as long as the correct exposure is delivered. | Image Credit: The Mobile Robot Guide

Independent testing shows that OhmniClean’s continuous 254nm UV-C Disinfection solution rapidly eliminates pathogens like MRSA, VRE, P. aeruginosa, E. coli and SARS-CoV-2 with an efficacy of 99.999%. This ensures a safer, cleaner environment for users, staff and visitors.

It is important to note that UV-C light is dangerous to humans and caution is required to reduce exposure to the UV-C during the disinfection process. This one of the reasons that autonomous UV-C disinfection is important as the robot can maneuver into a location and run the disinfection process without a human present.

Easy to setup and use

“The OhmniClean robot is incredibly easy to use,” said Hector Garcia, president of ProClean Janitorial. “My team was able to get it up and running after just ten minutes of training. The robot’s autonomy allows our staff to clean multiple rooms while the robot disinfects other areas of a property. The whole process is quick and efficient.”

OhmniClean user interface
The OhmniClean includes a simple to use user interface on the AMR. | Image credit: Ohmnilabs

Other features that make OhmniClean unique in the market include:

  • Safe and Efficient, Chemical Free Disinfection: Safety measures including motion sensors, remote switches, and an active safety system eliminate exposure to hazardous UV-C light, thus no risk to employees and customers. UV-C is chemical-free and more cost effective than maintaining HEPA HVAC systems
  • Easy to Use & Autonomous: Easy to use, transport and manage, eliminating the barrier to entry. Fully autonomous mapping and cleaning achieved using OhmniCloud software.
  • Built-in Data Insights, Reporting & Auditing: After each session, immediately view reports and audit logs to see what spaces were cleaned and when. Disinfection reports are automatically sent to relevant stakeholders such as managers, customers, and/or regulators.
  • Easy to Transport and Service: Swappable batteries and modular parts makes it easy to take apart and transport to different cleaning locations, as well as replace parts, reducing both maintenance and transportation costs.
  • Made in the USA: Manufactured at OhmniLabs 3D printing facility in San Jose, Calif. means orders are fulfilled faster, shipping costs are lower, and delivery is not subject to current supply chain challenges.
  • Flexible Pricing: Cost effective options for every user. Standard, Premium and Full service packages are available for purchase or for lease; a subscription to OhmniCloud Solutions will allow for fleet management, mapping, reporting and more.
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