OMRON Announces Availability of LD250 robot

​Omron today announces the availability of the ​Omron LD250 autonomous mobile robot. This vehicle delivers a larger payload capability along with a larger footprint, to enable applications for moving bigger cargo.

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The LD250 AMR is capable of moving payloads up to 250KG (551 lbs). In addition, it can be configured with any variety of custom active/passive payloads, including conveyors, to function for a multiple of applications.​ It has a sturdy structure that is optimized for items like transmission blocks, automotive seats and voluminous packaging materials that are bulky as well as heavy.

The OMRON Product lineup of robots

​Works in the Fleet Manager

​The Omron Fleet Manager now enables the control of multiple mobile robots with different payloads through a single system. The announcement today includes the capability for the Fleet Manager to control any variety of Omron AMR’s within a single interface. The system can manage AMR traffic, battery charging requirements and vehicle navigation for a diverse fleet of up to 100 robots. 

Diagram of the LD250 with feature callouts

In addition to its extra-sturdy structure that carries unwieldy items traditionally transported in human-operated carts, the LD-250 is also highly customizable with special conveyor tops, courier systems and adaptive material handling mechanics. It also takes advantage of several Omron technologies that improve performance, such as the High Accuracy Positioning System (HAPS), side lasers and the Acuity vision localization technology.

​Mobile Manipulation is now Real for Omron Robots

​The integration of the LD-250 with the Omron TM Series Collaborative Robot will also open up a new market for heavy-duty mobile manipulators that can handle manipulation tasks along with material transport.

Omron has demonstrated their mobile manipulation at multiple tradeshows in the last six months. We can expect that this will become a center piece of their demo show floor exhibits in 2020. Omron has a long history of industrial robotics. Now that’s it combined with their AMR solution, Omron is demonstrating market leadership.

Omron AMR with collaborative robot on top

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