OMRON LD 250 is a new 250 kg Payload Mobile Robot Platform

OMRON announces a new autonomous mobile robot today with the global launch of the OMRON LD 250. This vehicle is capable of carrying a payload up to 250 kg, and extends the current product line ​from a maximum payload of 90 kg (larger payload capacity available with the LD Cart Transporter option).

“OMRON has been putting great resources in helping customers realize flexible manufacturing with our robotics technologies since the acquisition of U.S. based robotics company Adept Technology, Inc. in 2015, as part of OMRON’s ‘innovative-Automation’ initiative,” said Motohiro Yamanishi, Senior General Manager of the Robotics Business Development Project at OMRON’s Industrial Automation Company, adding, “The new LD-250 will be key in advancing that initiative a step further, by giving customers more choice when automating their material transport operation, an area rapidly being enhanced with mobile robots in industries worldwide.”

OMRON LD 250 is the largest OMRON Autonomous Mobile Robot

The OMRON LD 250 vehicle is similar in design to its smaller sibling, the OMRON LD 90. This is the first new autonomous mobile robot to be released since the acquisition of Adept Technology by OMRON in 2015. The new platform is larger and includes metal, rather than plastic, skins. It also includes new software, clearance and dynamic controls. ​

“Onsite logistics, the movement of products and material within the factory and warehouse, is becoming a real bottleneck for many companies due to the frequency and tediousness of the job, compounded by rising labor costs. OMRON’s mobile robots can help companies solve this issue because they can work 24 hours a day tirelessly, punctually, and safely in the same environment as people,” said Tom Mathias, President and CEO of OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies, Inc, a leading provider of robotics and safety solutions for manufacturing industries and part of OMRON’s Industrial Automation Business.

​The entire OMRON LD autonomous mobile robot family is designed to work with other OMRON  factory controls software and hardware. This is core to the OMRON industrial automation product roadmap.

Why ​this AMR is Significant for OMRON

​This announcement is significant because it makes OMRON competitive with an expanded product line, a​ larger payload capacity and a larger (almost double) top deck area. The OMRON LD 250 is capable of 13 hrs run-time and a maximum speed of 1200 mm/sec. The OMRON LD 250 functions seamlessly with the OMRON Fleet Manager and OMRON vehicles of different configurations to move material throughout a facility.

OMRON Fleet Manager can track jobs and job assignments across the mobile robot fleet. With the OMRON LD 250, these jobs can now be sorted by payload size and weight, so that the appropriate robot is given heavier payloads to move.

This release also signals to the market that OMRON is serious about investing in the growth of the LD family of autonomous mobile robots. This product has been designed entirely since the Adept Technology acquisition, yet leverages all of the ​proven features of the existing LD product line.

​​For more detailed technical specs on the OMRON LD 250, check out the OMRON LD Series Mobile Robot Technical Specs Page.

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