Omron names Reeco as AMR solution partner

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Omron’s mobile robots. | Source: Omron

Omron announced Reeco as its sole UK mobile robot solution partner. The partnership will begin with Omron sending Reeco the first HD-1500 Mobile Robot in the UK.

Reeco is a specialist in collaborative robot (cobot) applications. The two companies will work together to create solutions for manufacturing and warehousing challenges.

The partnership will build upon the companies existing relationship, which began in 2020. Most recently, the two developed Reeco’s RB1200 palletizer together. The palletizer is equipped with Omron’s TM12 cobot arm.

“Developing strong, bi-directional partnerships with world class solution providers is key to helping the UK manufacturing sector thrive in the future,” Sam Tilley, Omron’s UK general manager, said. “The success of the RB1200 is a testament to the hard work put in by Reeco and Omron. This further development in our relationship opens up even more opportunities for us to collaborate and position the UK as a force in the manufacturing sector for years to come.”

Mick Deegan, Reeco’s head of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) applications, will head up the division. Deegan was previously an applications engineer focusing on AMRs.

“The great thing about AMRs is that they aren’t limited to factory environments,” Deegan said. “Anywhere that something needs to be moved from A to B there’s a potential for value to be added. We’ve seen it in the likes of decontamination in hospitals.”

Omron and Reeco began working together in November 2020, when Reeco was named Omron’s first Solution partner. The partnership was part of the Omron Solution Partner (OSP) network, which aims to develop and reduce the risk of complex automation projects.

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