Optimizing the Warehouse with Automation and Control

Learn about how to optimize the warehouse with robotics and controls.

Automating the warehouse often starts with the addition of robots – be it an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), a pick-and-place robotic arm, a drone, or even an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). But underneath the system shells are the hardware and software controls that drive the movement of the equipment.

Real automation and control come in the form of the programmable logic controller (PLC), a digital computer that manages the electromechanical processes, and the human-machine interface (HMI), a dashboard that translates data into information.

They also include the motors that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, the sensors that detect and respond to input from the physical environment, and so much more.

This free e-book includes features on:

  • The automation underneath e-commerce fulfillment
  • Integrating artificial intelligence, vision systems, robot controls, and more
  • Collaborative innovation

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