OTSAW AeroX helps to disinfect airplanes between flights

OTSAW is an innovator in the use of LED-based UV light, and the company launched its first LED-based UV disinfection solution in 2020, the O-RX. The Mobile Robot Guide awarded the O-RX an innovation award in the 2020 Disinfection Solutions Buyers Guide, for the use of LED UV lights in their solution.


Figure 1 – The OTSAW AeroX deploys LED-based UV lights on retractable “wings” that extend to cover the entire seating area on both sides of an airplane aisle. | Image Credit: OTSAW

The LED lights use less power than mercury-based LED lights, which extends the operational time between charges for a disinfection solution like AeroX. LED lights are also lighter, and can be integrated more easily into moveable lighting structures like those employed on the AeroX, as seen in Figure 1 above.

The base of the OTSAW AeroX is similar size to an airline service cart. The retractable light bars can be extended to cover both sides of the row simultaneously. Multiple AeroX units can be deployed on larger aircraft with multiple aisles to shorten the disinfection cycle.

The aircraft can immediately be occupied following a disinfection cycle. There are no consumables in the process, and there are no aerosols that linger in the air. This helps to shorten the airplane turn around process while improving the safety of both passengers and airline crew members.

All of the data about the disinfection process is captured and compiled so that the ground crew can track the completion status of the disinfection step. The AeroX stows the LED light bars at the end of the process and the unit can easily be stored on the airport jetway, out of the way of passengers.

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