OTSAW designs Camello+ to be configurable for different applications

Mobile robot manufacturer OTSAW launched new edition of its last-mile-delivery product line this week. Building upon nine years of development and manufacturing experience, the Camello+ uses the same core platform as Camello, said the Singapore-based company.

Customers can configure the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for several different applications, said OTSAW. They can select the payload bay configuration of Camello+ to enable applications such as security, intralogistics, medical supply delivery, or last-mile delivery.

The core perception stack is standard onboard and includes 3D lidar, 3D and 2D cameras, and additional obstacle-avoidance sensors. With a base price starting at $25,000, the various configurations including a multi-shelf payload bay can take a fully configured Camello+ unit up to $85,000.

screenshot of the Camello+ robot configuration screen.
OTSAW Camello+ offers a build-to-order mobile robot that can be configured for several different applications. | Credit: OTSAW

Camello+ includes cargo options

OTSAW, whose U.S. office is in Burlington, Mass., said Camello+ currently offers six different payload configurations:

  • Standard
  • Mesh
  • Standard with shelves
  • Medical trays
  • Six drawers
  • 12 drawers

Software for Camello+ is application-dependent, and the system configurator enables end users to select the application software package depending on the AMR use case, said the company.

The baseline includes the basic navigation system, which facilitates precise and efficient robot movement within the environment. It said this enables accurate localization, obstacle detection, and optimal path planning.

family product line image illustrating the various payload option for Camello+.
Camello+ can be configured with six different payload configurations. | Credit: OTSAW

OTSAW updates software packages

The AMR’s optional software application packages include two options, said OTSAW. FMCS/Delivery is intended to ensure seamless navigation, efficient task allocation, and real-time monitoring of deliveries. By contrast, FMCS/Security can optimize operations through a patrol-scheduling system that enables live video streaming, it said.

Software features include fleet management, mission management, communication between operators and individuals near a given robot, as well as data collection from onboard sensors.

OTSAW told Mobile Robot Guide that with the launch of Camello+, its existing Camello product line will be obsolete. The Camello+ supersedes the prior product line and now encapsulates all of the last-mile features of Camello in its standard last-mile configuration.

The company said it has offices in more than 20 countries and has deployed more than 800 units worldwide. It has developed a broad lineup of AMRs for applications such as floor cleaning, disinfection, security, and logistics.

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