OTTO Motors updates software to optimize warehouse floor space use

Otto Motors software screengrab.
OTTO Motors fleet management software provides control over the entire fleet at a facility. | Credit: OTTO Motors

While automation may be easy to build into new, greenfield factories and warehouses, operators need mobile robots that don’t occupy too much space in existing, brownfield facilities. OTTO Motors by Rockwell Automation recently released its latest software update, Version 2.30, which is designed to optimize floor space and enhance operations in confined manufacturing environments.

“Brownfield facilities are highly space-constrained, and it’s been a priority for OTTO Motors to help manufacturers deploy and scale AMRs in these confined spaces,” stated Jay Judkowitz, vice president of product at OTTO Motors. “In our newest software update, we’ve introduced a combination of features that empower customers to deploy and scale AMRs effectively in the tightest and most dynamic environments.”

With more than 5 million hours of production experience, OTTO Motors claimed that several global brands trust its autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for mission-critical materials handling operations. Rockwell Automation Inc. acquired the Kitchener, Ontario-based company in September 2023, expanding its software and controls portfolio with the OTTO AMRs.

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New features work within brownfield constraints

In brownfield environments, the flow of one-way or two-way AMR traffic is frequently impeded by by narrow aisles and limited space, noted OTTO Motors. In addition, brownfield facilities may not be able to provide parking and charging infrastructure for bigger fleets.

OTTO said its robots are now able to park in areas other than their allotted spots thanks to features such as parking space optimization. Manufacturers can now reduce the area required for dedicated AMR parking by as much as 50%, claimed the company. This also has the benefit of reducing AMR travel time and an improvement in floor space utilization.

“Last year, we introduced two new AMRs—OTTO 600 and OTTO 1200—which are some of the smallest in their payload classes,” Judkowitz said. “Simultaneously, our previous software release introduced a new feature that improves throughput in narrow aisles by allowing customers to create traffic zones—such as exclusion, speed limit, and single-robot zones—for specific robot types.

The midsize OTTO 600 AMR, launched in March 2023, can carry payloads up to 1,500 kg (4,200 lb.). The larger OTTO 1200 AMR was released in September 2023 and features a payload capacity of up to 1,200 kg (2,640 lb.).

Otto 600
OTTO Motors releases new software powering the industry’s most comprehensive fleet of AMRs with the ability to handle any material handling job up to 4,200 lb. | Credit: OTTO Motors

Software intended to simplify warehouse operations

OTTO Motors said it has updated its user interface to make commissioning new AMRs easier. Changing maps is now faster and more accurate, especially at large scale, said the company.

Users can now quickly copy settings and make changes to multiple endpoints, like chargers and pallets, at the same time. This cuts down on the time needed for commissioning, it asserted.

Simplified authentication for users allows for single sign-on, which improves security and makes it more convenient for customers, according to OTTO Motors. Also, to make the system even more secure, all traffic going to the OTTO app is now encrypted using HTTPS.

One of the first AMR vendors to support the VDA5050 interoperability standard, the company has further expanded its capabilities by enabling third-party controllers to perform tasks such as activating lift attachments, downloading or deleting a map, and triggering robot snapshots.

OTTO Motors makes ongoing updates

OTTO Motors said it consistently releases software updates that enable AMRs to move faster, safer, and more efficiently. The company added that its robots and software are used by well-known brands such as Toyota and GE in large-scale deployments.

At MODEX in Atlanta next week, attendees can see OTTO Motors’ latest hardware and software features at Booth B9419. From March19 to 21, the company will exhibit at Booth 6B71 at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany.

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