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OTTO Motors

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  • Material Handling
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Logistics


OTTO is a self-driving vehicle designed from scratch to move inventory. OTTO uses sensors and advanced software to detect obstacles, like workers or forklifts, then drives around them.

OTTO™ is more than a self-driving vehicle. We designed our vehicles, chargers, software and services to work together as an integrated inventory movement platform. The OTTO Platform is unique in the market and every customer is a long-term partner on our journey toward lights-out operations.

OTTO™ 100 is a small, powerful self-driving vehicle designed to move boxes, carts, bins, and other human-scale payloads through dynamic environments. OTTO™ 15OO is a heavy duty self-driving vehicle designed to move pallets, racks, and other large payloads through dynamic production environments.

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