Ottonomy, Goggo partner for deliveries in Spain

Two blue, boxy mobile robots rolling across a lawn with buildings in the background.
Ottonomy’s robots have already started deliveries in two cities in Spain as part of its partnership with Goggo. | Source: Ottonomy.IO

Ottonomy.IO and Goggo Network, a European last and middle-mile logistics company with a fleet of autonomous vehicles and robots, have partnered to bring robotic last-mile deliveries to Spain and eventually more of Europe.

Goggo has already started using Ottonomy’s robots in Alcobendas and Zaragoza, Spain. Ottonomy’s robots will use public sidewalks to make last-mile deliveries for Goggo’s partner network of retailers and restaurants.

“Now with Ottonomy in our fleet, we continue building our unique, innovative and sustainable last and middle-mile logistics services with autonomous vehicles and robots in Europe,” Yasmine Fage, co-founder and COO of Goggo Network, said. “We selected Ottonomy.IO because of its leadership in building fully autonomous delivery robots. We are happy to integrate the Ottobot into our AV fleet, as it provides an extremely safe and efficient mode to reach customers to our network of retailers and restaurants.”

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Ottonomy’s delivery robots can be used for curbside deliveries, last-mile deliveries, airport deliveries, campus deliveries, indoor deliveries and other kinds of contactless deliveries. Ottobots navigate themselves using Ottonomy’s Contextual Mobility navigation technology, which uses behavior-based contextual navigation with mapping and localization.

Goggo Network has partnerships or planned partnerships with other robotics and autonomous vehicle companies, like Mobileye, Neubility and Delivers.AI.

“We are continuing our work to create sustainable and efficient solutions for all parts of the supply chain,” Ritukar Vijay, co-founder and CEO of Ottonomy, said. “We chose Goggo for its unique position as an AV-specialized logistics operator and leadership in the EU, which unlocks high growth potential and scalability, and allows us to improve the functionality and accessibility of the Ottobot for end users worldwide.”

This partnership will bring Ottobots outside of airports, where Ottonomy has been focusing on rolling out its robotic delivery service. In December 2021, Ottonomy became the first company to operate a fully autonomous delivery system for food, beverages and more in an airport when it made its debut in the Cincinnati airport.

Ottonomy now does airport deliveries in Pittsburgh, San Antonio and Rome. Ottonomy’s new Yeti last-mile delivery robot, which features an entirely new drive platform that includes holonomic motion using a four-wheel swerve drive, was recently featured in our best robots of CES 2023 list.

ottonomy yeti autonomous mobile robot with its rear cargo hatch open.
The Ottonomy Yeti delivery AMR is completely redesigned and includes an optional automatic package delivery feature. | Credit: Ottonomy

Yeti is a completely redesigned robot that is larger and more robust than its previous Ottobots. It has two cargo bays that open autonomously and an optional autonomous cargo drop door.

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