Ottonomy Ottobot airport delivery robots set to expand to two more airports

Ottonomy’s Ottobots have been tested at CVG since late 2020. | Source: Ottonomy

The Ottobot autonomous airport delivery robot by Ottonomy is ready to expand its delivery service to two additional airports. The Ottobot has been in operation at the Cincinnati airport (CVG) since late 2020.

Ottonomy received recognition as an RBR50 innovation award winner in 2021 for this accomplishment.

Now the company is set to expand the in terminal delivery service to airports in Rome and San Antonio.

Ottonomy robots are unique in the market place as they are able to navigate both indoors and outdoors.

Airport passengers transiting through CVG are able to order from select retail stores operated by Paradies Lagardere at They’ll receive updates about their order on their phone, and will use a QR code to open the robot’s secure compartment and get their items.

The robots will then deliver items directly to the passengers waiting at the airline gate.

Ottonomy robots are available on a “RaaS” (Robotics as a Service) model. This enables quicker deployment and makes the solution more affordable for the end client. Ottonomy is currently the only AMR last mile delivery company operating within airports. This application presents the solution in a highly visible situation, and enables many users to experience the service in a controlled environment.

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