PAL Robotics deploys ABB Yumi robot manipulator on TIAGo AMR

The PAL TIAGo AMR easily integrates to the ABB Yumi collaborative robot arm. | Image credit: PAL Robotics

The PAL Robotics TIAGo Base is an autonomous mobile platform designed to be deployed for any indoor mobility applications where infrastructure free navigation is required. The TIAGo Base is one of PAL Robotics’ most flexible and adaptable robots, and includes all of the features necessary for safe and collaborative interaction with humans.

With the addition of an ABB’s YuMi robot, collaborative mobile robots in medical center laboratories are being introduced for the first time. A TIAGo Base with a YuMi mounted manipulator operates in ABB’s new lab in Sant Quirze del Vallès near Barcelona, Catalonia and has a particular model that is designed to deliver samples of blood in a medical setting, in place of other robotic platforms that are not small enough to fulfill this role.

ABB Yumi Cobot
The double armed cobot Yumi is designed to work alongside humans. | Image credit: ABB Robotics

The medical lab application is called “Mobot for healthcare in hospital laboratories”. It is being developed in collaboration with PAL Robotics to introduce mobility in medical center laboratories. The mobile manipulator performs pipetting and tube handling tasks with great precision, being able to move and transport the elements thanks to the mobile platform developed by PAL Robotics, which gives YuMi the capacity for autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance.

ABB introduced Yumi in 2015 as one of the first collaborative robots. The Yumi product line has evolved since that time and now includes both a single and a double cobot arm configuration.

The TIAGo Base robot can be configured for any custom application including applications for healthcare, industry or office environments. The TIAGo Base easily adapts to its environment and staff don’t need specialized training to operate the robot. TIAGo Base is able to handle a payload of up to 100 kg for delivering objects and moves at speeds of up to 1.5 m/s.

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