PAL Robotics Deploys TIAGo Delivery Robot in Hospitals

​Barcelona based PAL Robotics announces the launch of a new autonomous delivery robot, designed and targeted for use in hospitals. The vehicle is designed to autonomously navigate throughout the hospital to pick and and deliver items such as:

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Lab Samples
  • Surgical Supplies
  • ​Bedding
  • Nursing Supplies

​PAL Robotics annouces that the robot will begin operations in July 2020. This solution is a response to the ongoing demands of the corona virus pandemic, and the need to keep front line health workers safe.

Pal Robotics robots come in a variety of configurations as shown in this image.

Pal Robotics robots come in a variety of configurations as shown in this image. (image courtesy of PAL Robotics)

Built on Top of the TIAGo Mobile Base

​The PAL Delivery Robot is designed as a custom payload for the PAL Robotics TIAGo base. TIAGo is a mature and well established solution with hundreds of ​units in operation around the world in a variety of applications. ​TIAGo Delivery is an existing solution.

The novel addition to this new solution is the addition of additional positioning accuracy, which reduces deployment time.

​Accerion Sensors Provide more Accurate Positioning

​Accerion provides positioning solutions, enabling high-performance mobile robots and AGVs for intralogistics, with virtual lines or grid mapping to allow for free navigation. The advanced technology inside the system enables submillimetre-level positioning without any additional infrastructure. In their portfolio are the Jupiter and Triton sensor systems, which can be quickly and easily integrated into robots and other mobile platforms to make them completely autonomous or enhance their sensing capabilities such as with the TIAGo Delivery robot.  

Accerion Sensor

The Accerion Sensor (image courtesy of PAL Robotics)

​Francesco Ferro, CEO of PAL Robotics says in relation to this project: “ We are delighted to be developing our TIAGo Delivery robot with the latest in sensor technology to be able to help in the fight against COVID-19 in hospitals, through improving delivery processes and reducing social interactions and infection rates.”

Accerion, a Dutch company founded in 2015, provides autonomous positioning technology for robots and other mobile platforms that allows a high level of positioning accuracy and predictability in dynamic environments. The technology they have developed enables manufacturers of robots and autonomous vehicles to develop flexible and cost-effective mobile solutions. These solutions drive automation and efficiency in logistics, manufacturing and many other industries around the world.

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