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PAL Robotics

Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain

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Quick Overview:

PAL Robotics’ mission is to create disruptive service robots that enhance society’s quality of life and solve daily problems. The company makes a large variety of research platforms and commercial solutions.

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PAL Robotics was an early pioneer in the development and research for autonomous mobile robots. PAL robots have been deployed into research labs in universities around the world.

Since that time, PAL Robotics has developed and deployed robotics into commercial service robotics applications and has built a complete line of AMRs.

The company has a strong service robot background ​that includes the ARI service robot. PAL Robotics’ product line also features the TIAGo Base robot. The TIAGo Base has been used for a variety of solutions including the TIAGo Delivery robot.​ ​

​The humanoid robot TALOS is a large scale, humanoid research platform. This robot helps researchers at universities around the world to advance bipedal locomotion algorithms.

​At the heart of PAL Robotics’ robots is the ROS operating system, which is a key reason why their solutions have a strong presence in research labs.

​Recently, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, PAL Robotics released a UVC light disinfection robot capable of autonomously disinfecting hospital rooms, corporate campuses, malls, airports, or other large, public facilities.  

The PAL Robotics product line showing all of the robots

The PAL Robotics product line showing all of the robots (image courtesy of PAL Robotics)

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