PickPallet autonomous pallet jack joins Tompkins Robotics portfolio

hero image of pick pallet.
PickPallet has a 3,300 lb. capacity, and it can handle international pallet sizes. | Credit: Tompkins Robotics

Mobile robot vendors are both widening their portfolios and adding more specialized models. Tompkins Robotics yesterday introduced PickPallet, an automated pallet jack for warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. The Orlando, Fla.-based company said the second product in its PickPal line can facilitate pallet transportation and case-to-pallet assistance throughout a facility.

“We’re thrilled to launch PickPallet as the newest member in our autonomous mobile robot [AMR] family, a game-changer for warehouse operations and order fulfillment,” said Tony Villanova, vice president of PickPal Solutions at Tompkins Robotics. “This addition epitomizes our dedication to bringing more innovation to the market and marks a significant leap forward to help solve a number of challenges operators and businesses face every day.”

Founded in 2017, Tompkins Robotics is known for its tSort tabletop sortation system, which it said can be configured for operation in any size floor space. The PickPal line is the company‘s expansion to floor-based operations, and Tompkins introduced the first generation of PickPal AMRs in March of 2023.

PickPallet handles international pallet sizes

PickPallet can autonomously acquire a pallet from the floor, lift it, and autonomously transport it to another location within the facility, said Tompkins Robotics. It can accommodate both closed and open-loop pallets and is compatible with standard U.S., European, and Australian pallet sizes.

In addition, PickPallet has a maximum load capacity of 3,300 lb. (1,500 kg) and can operate for six hours on a single charge, said the company.

The system includes an advanced navigation system with sensors that detect obstacles and avoid collisions with people, fork trucks, and stationary pallets. Tompkins said its fleet management software coordinates the operation of the PickPal and PickPallet AMRs for various missions in material movement.

“Ultimately, these features enable customers to gain efficiency while spending less time on tedious and non-value-added tasks in the picking environment,” the company said.

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Tomkins Robotics continues expanding product line

“At Tompkins Robotics, our mission is to deliver innovative robotic solutions to solve the most challenging supply chain problems,” stated Mike Futch, president and CEO. “Since our early days delivering sorting solutions based on our tSort product family, we put customer feedback right in the center of our innovation efforts.”

“We continually hear that customers need to do more with less, keep workers focused on high-value tasks, and drive operational efficiency in all areas of their business,” he added. “PickPallet, and the entire PickPal product line, is a great example of delivering innovation to solve these challenges.”

Tompkins will demonstrate PickPallet and its other automation offerings in Booth B7843 at MODEX next week.

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