Podcast Episode 9 – 2020 End of Year Review with Steve Crowe

Show Description:

This week, host Mike Oitzman reviews the top mobile robot stories of 2020 with Steve Crowe, editor of The Robot Report.

Steve is also the host of the podcast: The Robot Report Podcast, a weekly interview show that covers anything that “senses, thinks and moves”.

We’ve indexed the show this week to help you get back to topics that might interest you.

Time    Topic

07:50    Steve Crowe reviews his favorite news stories from the year.

13:15    Discussion about disinfection robotics.

17:20    Discussion about tele-presence robotics and its viability as an application.

20:37    Steve and Mike discuss the impact of the pandemic to in-person trade shows during 2020.

25:58    The impact of the pandemic on remote deployment and remote interactions with customers.

34:30    A review with Steve about robotic investments in 2020.

35:10    LiDAR and sensor investments.

40:15    Mike wraps up his review of 2020, going over some of the investment numbers from the year. You can find the complete story and review of the investment data on this link.

Tune in next week, for the second half of the interview with Steve Crowe, when Mike and Steve discuss their predictions for 2021.

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