PODCAST: Joe Speed update on Indy Autonomous Challenge

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Welcome to Episode 89 of The Robot Report Podcast, which brings conversations with robotics innovators straight to you. Join us each week for discussions with leading roboticists, innovative robotics companies and other key members of the robotics community.

On this week’s podcast, we speak with Joe Speed, a technical advisor for the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), about the latest developments in autonomous racing.

Joe also briefs us on the format of the next big IAC competition, which will be held in January 2023 at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joe is a guru on the racecars’ software and controls, and he goes into detail about how the IAC is breaking new ground in autonomous control and bolstering the quality, speed, and power of open-source robotics software.

An interview with the creators of Skyline Robotics, a company that is changing the game by using industrial robotic arms for the task of cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings, is also featured this week.

Michael Brown, CEO of Skyline Robotics, and Ross Blum, COO of Skyline Robotics, discuss the inner workings of their automated window cleaning system and why robots are the answer to a manpower crisis in a dangerous and challenging business.

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