PODCAST: Marc Raibert on the future of robotics

In this episode, we replay the keynote fireside chat between Steve Crowe and Marc Raibert from the Robotics Summit & Expo 2023. Marc Raibert founded Boston Dynamics in 1992 and recently left his leadership role at the company to found the AI Institute. In this conversation, Marc talks about the development of quadruped and bipedal robots over the years, and how Boston Dynamics evolved to its current product line.

Marc also discusses some of the main technical challenges facing the robotics industry and the goals for the AI Institute. It was a notable conversation we believe you’ll enjoy.

marc raibert and steve crowe on stage at robotics summit 2023 with a boston dynamics spot in the foreground.
Marc Raibert (left) talks to Steve Crowe on stage at Robotics Summit 2023. | Credit: The Robot Report

Episode timeline:

05:30 – News of the week

31:30 – Marc Raibert conversation with Steve Crowe

News this week

  • Humanoids ready to take first steps
  • ASTM legged robotics committee proposes new test method
    • ASTM WK86916 will target testing methods, terminologies, specifications, scope, and other discussions centered around the disturbance rejection testing of legged robotics. ASTM noticed that currently there is no standard in this area which is why it decided to start focusing the efforts of its latest subcommittee on this issue.
  • Cones on Av’s in SF
      • Safe Street Rebel group placing cones on self-driving cars in San Francisco

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Mike Oitzman

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