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​Prime Robotics is a company focused on building robots that revolutionize the way work is done. From Warehouses, to Factories to the Theatrical Stage, Prime brings together a strong entrepreneurial culture with leading edge technology and associates from the US and China to create products that provide substantial competitive advantage to our customers.

Prime currently has two offices, one in Denver, USA and another in Shenzhen, China. Prime Robotics was born from Bleum, the outsourced software developer of JDA’s WMS for over a decade. Having built Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for leading software providers like JDA and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies in the US and Europe there are literally thousands of warehouses around the World running WMS’s built by Prime’s team.

The Mobile Shelf is a type of robot called Goods-to-Person (G2P). This kind of robot is also sometimes called an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) or AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot).  Of all the robotics automation models available today, G2P is the most efficient from both cost savings and capital investment point of view.

The Mobile Shelf can reduce daily operating expenses in a warehouse by 80% and the system requires relatively low capital investment when compared to conveyors or other robotic automation systems. It is not unusual for the Mobile Shelf warehouse robots to pay for themselves in 6-12 months.

​Prime has 2 versions of its basic Goods to Person robots to suit the needs of diverse warehouse operations. All models here are controlled by Prime’s proprietary Robot Control System (RCS) that interfaces seamlessly with all major Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Prime has adapted the Mobile Shelf robots to interact with existing conveyor systems. The system works especially well at carrying completed orders from the picking stations to packing stations or conveyor entrances.

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