Pudu Releases Puductor2 – An Updated Disinfection Robot

Pudu Robotics announces the release of Puductor2, an autonomous disinfection mobile robot. The disinfection solution is designed to help facility managers control the spread of disease within their facility by autonomously patrolling and disinfecting indoor areas of the facility. The Puductor series leverages all of the core technology developed for mobile autonomy by Pudu Robotics.

The original Puductor was released earlier in 2020, and the updated Puductor2 solution is based on market feedback and what the company has learned about the autonomous disinfection process as the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved.

Two Disinfection Modes

Puductor2 includes two disinfection modes: biocide spraying and UV-C ultraviolet light disinfection. This version of the Pudu Robotics autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is an upgrade over the first version of the Puductor AMR, which only included biocide spraying functionality. Biocide is useful for large area disinfection during periods when your facility is free of people. UV-C light disinfection is fast acting and enables a short disinfection cycle in between room uses. For example a UV light disinfection cycle can occur between meetings and once completed, the room can immediately be reused.

puductor two robot

The Puductor 2 robot is a revised edition of the disinfection solution.

Puductor2 can be deployed in government halls, schools, medical institutions, waiting rooms, airports, subways, banks and other public places.

Puductor2 adopts the ultra-dry mist, biocide spraying, disinfection technology. This technology can capture harmful microorganisms in the air and quickly disinfect and kill bacteria and viruses, such as the currently raging COVID-19, with a sterilizing rate of 99.99% (not verified).

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The complete lineup of Pudu robots

Pudu Robotics product line includes robots for a variety of applications (Image courtesy of Pudu Robotics)

About Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robotics is one of the leading China-based AMR vendors and they have a large lineup of AMR-based solutions for indoor delivery, restaurant food delivery and restaurant dish busing applications. These machines have been widely introduced in the catering industry, and in cooperation with domestic catering giants such as Haidilao.

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