Pudu Robotics launches FlashBot

Pudu robotics
Pudu Robotics FlashBot is a intra facility delivery vehicle. | Imge credit: Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robotics announces the global launch of its autonomous facility delivery robot – FlashBot. The vehicle features intelligent functionality that can take the elevator to deliver items between floors. FlashBot can be deployed into a number of commercial applications including hotels, hospitals and office buildings. It can be an instant hit in the mailroom for delivering packages from the mailroom to employee desk.

Intra facility delivery service

FlashBot is simple to operate and includes an app that can be used to send or call the FlashBot for a delivery. The app can also notify customers (like a hotel guest) to pickup an item, while securely holding the item and making it accessible only with a pickup code. Once the system is setup, pickup and dropoff locations are easily managed via the app.


As the new member of Pudu Robotics robot series, FlashBot is equipped with three built-in RGB-D camera sensors and customized LiDAR SLAM for in-depth obstacle avoidance including 3D mapping and localization, path planning, autonomous navigation, object recognition and people tracking features.

FlashBot can detect obstacles as low as 3cm and suspended obstacles at a height of 70cm from the floor, making it ideal for dynamic environments with many obstacles. Like all of the other Pudu AMRs, FlashBot can identify obstacles in its path and dynamically replan its path to its destination.

pudu robotics sensors
Pudu Robots are capable of avoiding obstacles and replanning their paths. | Image credit: Pudu Robotics

The newly upgraded auto-level 6-wheel independent linkage suspension can adjust the damping based on different floor conditions so that the robot can always remain in the optimal stable state to move and navigate smoothly. It can drive over obstacles of 2cm height and gaps of 3.5cm width, offering 50% higher operating stability and mobility.

Powered by the PUDU Scheduler system, FlashBot can communicate with any other Pudu robot in the same network. The PUDU Scheduler system also supports the scheduling of up to 20 robots within the same facility.

FlashBot automatically provides a voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low and returns to the docking station simultaneously. Ultra-long battery life, with a capacity of 15.6Ah on a single charge it can last up to 12 hours.

Pudu Flashbot
The Pudu FlashBot offers secure infra-facility package transportation. | Image credit: Pudu Robotics

The multi-functional compartment maximizes space utilization, enabling FlashBot to perform multiple tasks through a single tap. The compartment features a UV germicidal lamp that offers a sterilization rate up to 99.9%.

Felix Zhang, Pudu Robotics founder said: “We are committed to the ‘Spirit of Invention’ on a mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living. With the most advanced technology and powerful drive for innovation, we will continue to develop practical robotics solutions that lead smart living into people’s lives.”


Pudu Robotics has proven its ability to deliver items, and the FlashBot joins an already deep product line of delivery AMRs. This is the fourth or fifth generation of Pudu AMRs and builds on their prior experience building and deployed commercial delivery AMRs.

Pudu offers elevator integration.  However, elevator integration (for any AMR provider) involves a custom integration to (and override of) the building’s elevator control system. This requires the involvement of the elevator manufacturer, and is subject to permitting and local lift operation laws. New building and new elevator models do offer networked control of the elevator, making elevator integration simpler. Note, however, that the cost of elevator integration alone can exceed the cost of a single AMR unit, so it worth investigation your facilities elevator solution before investing in an AMR solution that can automatically call the elevator.

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