Pudu Robotics launches PUDU D1 – a quadruped delivery robot

The Pudu D1 is the companies first commercial delivery quadruped robot. | Credit: Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robotics, recently unveiled its delivery-quadruped robot PUDU D1, the company’s first legged robot. With Pudu Robotics’ proprietary core components, including high-performance joint modules and master control board with high computing power, PUDU D1 is the first commercial delivery-quadruped robot in the industry.

“PUDU D1 addresses the challenge of effectively completing a delivery while traveling diverse terrains. As it becomes the robot of choice for use in an increasing number of complex terrain scenarios, combined with other Pudu Robotics delivery solutions, all-terrain coverage of robot delivery will be quickly achieved, and a closed loop delivery chain may be formed,” said Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics.

PUDU D1 comes equipped with proprietary high-performance joint modules as its core power sources, featuring hollow wiring and ability to remember the output absolute position even after there has been a power interruption. Furthermore, PUDU D1 adopts the CAN-FD communication protocol with a 5Mbps bandwidth. The robot’s joint module includes a 19-bit high-precision encoder with unprecedented position feedback accuracy.

The brain of a quadruped robot, PUDU D1’s proprietary high-performance master control board comes with a 16-core CPU, AI computing power up to 30Tops and rich interface resources, as well as super computing power and power management ability of the whole machine.

With a comprehensive control scheme for flexible force control, PUDU D1 can adapt to different terrains and maintain its balance while moving even when being buffeted by external forces. With the auto-levelling delivery box that constantly maintains a horizontal position, PUDU D1 is expected to become a new delivery leader when it comes to operating in complex environments.

Maintaining the excellent technical genes of Pudu Robotics’ autonomous navigation and planning, 3D obstacle avoidance and human-computer interaction technologies, PUDU D1 is a quadruped robot with excellent navigation and obstacle avoidance ability and intelligent human-computer interaction experience, in the same league with PuduBot, BellaBot and KettyBot robots.

“As we enter the next stage of the sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation, we are accelerating towards the era of intelligence, with robots redefining human productivity and offering up new opportunities for quality of life. Pudu Robotics strives to be at the forefront of the robotics business, exceeding consumer expectations by developing more really helpful robots for the industry and society as a whole,” added Felix.

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