Pudu Robotics mobile robots help quarantined Hong Kong residents

Pudu Robotics product lineup
Pudu Robotics delivers a lineup of service robotics, configured for a variety of use cases. | Image credit: Pudu Robotics

Over the last month, the COVID pandemic has hit Hong Kong residents particularly hard. Many Hong Kong residents are being quarantined and isolated in Hong Kong hotels.

To help automate food delivery to quarantined residents and to protect health workers, Pudu Robotics donated several of its BellaBot and Puductor 2 robots to help with specific delivery and disinfection tasks.

BellaBot is Pudu’s premium food delivery robot that integrates multiple technologies to ensure its safety and stability during delivery. The mobile robot is configured to deliver meals to folks who are quarantined.  The large four-layer tray capacity allows the robot to deliver a variety of items at one time.

Pudu Bellabot
The Pudu Bellabot is designed for delivery tasks and its shelves can be configured in a variety of ways. | Credit: Pudu Robotics

Puductor 2 is a proprietary UV cleaning robot equipped with dual disinfection modes: Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection where the disinfectant is atomized into 10µm dry particles that ensure complete sterilization by remaining suspended in the air in a random motion, and UV-C Disinfection where a UV lamp is equipped, delivering outstanding disinfection with an ultraviolet illumination of 188μW/cm² at 1 meter.

puductor two robot
The Puductor 2 robot is a revised edition of the disinfection solution. | Credit: Pudu Robotics

The first set of Pudu robots has been delivered to the two designated quarantine hotels in Hong Kong: Oasis Avenue – A GDH Hotel and Metropark Hotel Kowloon.

By delivering daily necessities to the quarantine hotels’ guests in a contactless manner, BellaBot minimizes the risk of cross infection by avoiding direct contact between staff and guests in addition to helping save on anti-pandemic supplies, while Puductor 2 guarantees safe and healthy indoor environments within the hotels by enabling its 24/7 automatic disinfection. The two robots work in tandem to maximize their effectiveness as a pandemic preventive solution.

The second batch of Pudu robots will soon be shipped to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in order to support the institution in fighting the pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, Pudu Robotics has donated several hundred robots to hospitals, isolation wards, quarantine facilities and several public transit hubs across China to support combating the pandemic. In addition, its service robots have contributed to solving the problems of labor shortage as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

“Technology can be used effectively to curb the coronavirus,” said Pudu Robotics founder and CEO Zhang Tao. “When it is needed, we have the obligation, the ability, and the willingness to stand with the frontline workers and combat the pandemic. Turning the power of science and technology into an actual pandemic prevention force, we are ready to support and give back to global society with our products powered by advanced technologies.”

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