Pudu Robotics signs strategic partnership with Coca-Cola Jordan

Pudu’s BellaBot, the company’s premium delivery robot, will be distributing Coca-Cola products as part of the agreement. | Source: Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robotics and the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Jordan announced a strategic partnership in collaboration with Quill, Pudu’s official partner in Jordan. Coca-Cola plans to use Pudu’s BellaBots to promote and distribute its products at supermarkets and at in-person events.

Pudu offers a line of commercial service robots that do a variety of tasks, including Flashbot, Kettybot, Puductor 2, HolaBot, PuduBot and BellaBot. BellaBot is the company’s premium delivery robot that is equipped with an automotive-grade independent linkage suspension system, swappable ultra-long life batteries and dual laser and visual SLAM positioning and navigation systems.

“Unlike traditional retail services, having intelligent robots serve our customers will go a long way in meeting the expectations of various brands when it comes to more personalized and functional service robots, thereby significantly improving the in-store experience for shoppers,” Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu, said. “In addition, the high-tech robot itself will undoubtedly gain popularity among young audiences who love Coca-Cola beverages.”

Pudu’s robots are also going to work for Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group, a Chinese dairy company. Mengniu ordered over 600 units of Pudu’s deliver and reception robot KettyBot. The robot will be used to promote and hand out Mengniu’s products in supermarkets throughout China.

In March 2022, Pudu added four new robots to its line, three delivery robots and one cleaning robot. With the product launch, the company entered the Pudu Robot 2.0 era, expanding its product application areas from catering to buildings, healthcare, cleaning and other fields.

Earlier in the year, Pudu’s BellaBot and Puductor 2, its disinfection robot, helped automate food deliveries to quarantined residents in Hong Kong. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, Pudu has donated several hundred robots to hospitals, isolation wards, quarantine facilities and several public transit hubs across China to support combating the pandemic.

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