Pudu Robotics’ successfully integrates FlashBot with elevators

Pudu Robotics, a Chinese developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has successfully conducted a project to test the cloud integration between its delivery robot FlashBot and elevators in collaboration with Nippon Otis Elevator Company. This is the first time Pudu has integrated a robot and elevator in Japan.

Pudu has used Otis Integration Dispatch technology to conduct multiple tests of cloud integration between robots and elevators. By analyzing the differences in protocols for different elevators and making adjustments to accommodate different environments, FlashBot is now able to automatically use elevators to move around floors in a building and make deliveries without any human interaction.

Otis’ Integrated Dispatch technology is an API that is designed to integrate with most AMRs. The API approach enabled the robots to interface seamlessly with the elevators via the cloud or a local connection and is more flexible and scalable than traditional hard-wired integration.

The Otis Integrated Dispatch system works at the elevator group or bank level, allowing more flexibility to add robots, including different robot models from various providers, and increasing efficiency by having multiple elevators available for the robot to use.

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Pudu’s FlashBot, released globally in 2021, is a delivery robot developed for digital management and service improvements in hotels and officers. Now, it can use elevators to safely and reliably make deliveries to rooms.

It comes equipped with flexible and efficient 3D obstacle avoidance functionality and utilizes IoT technology to send operating instructions between FlashBot and other equipment in the building via a network in the cloud.

FlashBot also improves robot management and the employee and customer experience in hotels and offices with flexible obstacle avoidance functionality and intelligence-drive, attentive service.

Last month, Pudu Robotics announced the general availability of the PUDU Open Platform. The new development platform makes it possible for robot distributors to remotely access and program PUDU Robots for deeper customization, advanced navigation controls, personalized interactions and analytics.

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Brianna Wessling

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