Radial deploys Locus Robotics into fourth warehouse

locus robots move in a warehouse
Radial’s implementation of Locus AMRs ensures that fulfillment center operations are optimized to meet rapidly increasing volumes and seasonal peaks. | Credit: Locus Robotics

Radial announced that it is expanding its partnership with warehouse automation provider Locus Robotics to help improve warehouse fulfillment logistics without increasing labor.

Radial is an omnichannel fulfillment provider for a number of popular consumer brands. One of Radial’s retail clients is SKIMS body wear, a solutions-oriented retail brand creating the next generation of underwear, loungewear, and shapewear.

At its fulfillment center in Romeoville, IL, Radial is deploying Locus AMRs to support high-volume orders for SKIMS. Adding the Locus Robots to the workflow of the warehouse will decrease walk time for warehouse associates and offer a faster training experience to deliver SKIMS to customers more efficiently.

“This new deployment expands Radial’s ability to strategically scale to meet the growing needs of dynamic and growing customers like SKIMS.” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “Locus’s flexibility, seamless scalability, and fast ROI have helped Radial to consistently meet and exceed their global customers’ expectations.”

Locus’s AMRs help expedite the onboarding of new Radial employees and seasonal workers so they can be highly productive, faster. The Locus solution includes integrated multi-language capabilities and an intuitive interface, without the need for long training times or added training and development resources.

The LocusBots know the language preferences for each warehouse associate and automatically switch interface language when engaging with each associate.

“The innovative, multi-bot, Locus solution has already proven itself in multiple operations in our network, driving greater operational efficiency, productivity, and accuracy for our customers,” said Matt Snyder, SVP, Solutions and Transformation. “The Locus solution has been an ideal choice to help Radial continue to deliver high productivity and provide our clients with intelligent and efficient fulfillment solutions.”

With Locus, Radial is able to improve and scale on-demand based on SKIMS’ needs and without disruption or downtime. The robots also provide a better working experience and environment for the employee.

The Locus solution works seamlessly with Radial’s existing picking technologies and infrastructure, providing an easy-to-deploy solution at any existing center. With Locus, Radial is able to improve and scale on-demand and without disruption or downtime.

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