ResGreen assembles BigBuddy AGVs for leading automotive supplier

Yellow AGV chassis components on pallets waiting to be assembled.
Ten BigBuddy Automatic Guided Vehicles will be assembled for $450,000 project. | Source: BigBuddy

ResGreen Group International, Inc. (RGGI), a next-gen mobile robot and software solutions company, is assembling 10 bidirectional BigBuddy AGVs for delivery next month to a Tier One automotive supplier. The new system, which includes the open-architecture BotWay software, will be used for the line-side delivery of materials and the movement of finished products to a staging area.

“This project exemplifies ResGreen’s commitment to bringing leading-edge mobile robots and interoperable software to mid-size businesses,” said Parsh Patel, ResGreen CEO. “We offer cost-effective, interoperable products that are propelling businesses of all sizes into a future of enhanced efficiency, productivity, and profitability.”

BotWay and the BigBuddy AGVs will use LoRa wireless system, which is quickly becoming a breakthrough technology for IoT communication. LoRa does not require an Internet connection and works in environments without Wi-Fi. LoRa allows companies to easily implement high-tech equipment and software without creating IT challenges, such as decreasing bandwidth.

ResGreen engineers will oversee the assembly and testing of the BigBuddy AGVs to ensure they meet the company’s high-quality safety and operational standards. BigBuddy is a reversing AGV that uses magnetic tape to move loads up to 5,000 pounds.

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