Robotnik launches new RB-ROBOUT mobile robot

Robotnik RB-Robout mobile robot
The new RB-ROBOUT mobile robot from Robotnik features a 1000 kg payload capacity. | Credit:Robotnik

Robotnik added a new heavy lift mobile robot to its product family. The RB-ROBOUT mobile robot features a 1000 kg (2679 lb) payload capacity and omnidirectional motion.

The RB-ROBOUT mobile robot is designed for use in indoor industrial environments such as factories or warehouses. The low height enables this mobile robot to “tunnel” under a material trolley, pick it up and transport the trolley to a destination drop off point.

The robot includes four omnidirectional and powered drive wheels. This enables the robot to operate and position itself into tight spaces.

The RB-ROBOUT includes six anchor points on its top surface for the attachment of a payload such as a lifting mechanism.

Robotnik RB-ROBOUT with a conveyor payloud mounted
The Robotnik RB-ROBOUT includes builtin anchor points for attaching an number of active or passive payloads. | Credit: Robotnik

The robot has a wide range of optional components and accessories to suit the tasks to be performed:

  • Roller path / Conveyor belt
  • Load lift elevators
  • Pallet or box supports

All Robotnik robots are modular and its architecture is based on ROS, which facilitates their adaptation to the particularities of the application. The robot has an interface to make the system easy to manage by any user.

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