Robotnik launches RB-WATCHER security mobile robot

The RB-Watcher mobile robot patrols a parking lot.
People detection, fire detection or patrolling are just some of the tasks that Robotnik’s new inspection robot can perform. | Credit: Robotnik

Robotnik Automation announced a new mobile robot designed specifically for surveillance and security operations. The Robotnik RB-WATCHER will be launched at the Automatica trade fair from June 27 to 30, 2023 in Munich (stand A4-312).

Real-time threat detection is crucial for surveillance and security operations, which necessitates accuracy and efficiency. The RB-WATCHER is quick to set up and provides real-time communication to a facilities security center.

RB-WATCHER automates a variety of surveillance jobs, like patrolling a specific area, detecting objects and people (like intruders), and detecting fires. All of this information is gathered by the robot and sent to the control center in real time so that decisions can be made about a response.

The RB-WATCHER user interface enables the setup of relevant alarms that can be triggered based on processing images when it detects any significant element in the environment: a car driving in a defined area, an outbreak of fire or an object out of place (a backpack, bag or animal, for example).

Sensors onboard the vehicle include a bi-spectral camera, front camera, RTK GPS and microphone.

By removing the need for security personnel to physically enter risky or otherwise compromised locations, RB-WATCHER represents a significant step forward in the application of mobile robotics in the security industry. RB-WATCHER also improves the speed and accuracy of these inspection procedures, which helps to cut down on waste and save money.

Robotnik designs, manufactures and markets autonomous mobile robots and manipulators, capable of working collaboratively, and sharing space with humans.

The company has been in the service robotics sector since 2002 and has a presence in the main international markets: Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, USA, France, Germany or Italy.

Since January 2023, Robotnik has been part of United Robotics Group (URG), an ecosystem of service robotics companies based in Germany, contributing to the expansion of the successful third generation of service robots CobiotX (Robotics for humans) led by URG.

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