Rocketfarm to bring palletizing software to Doosan cobots

a graphic showing a Doosan Cobot and a robot picking boxes off of a conveyor belt to show Doosan's partnership with Rocketfarm.
Doosan Robotics is partnering with Rocketfarm to strengthen the palletizing software running its robots. | Source: Doosan Robotics

As labor costs continue to rise around the world, more and more warehouse operators are turning to robots for their palletizing needs. Doosan Robotics Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with Rocketfarm AS to integrate Doosan’s collaborative robots with Rocketfarm’s Pally software.

The palletizing robot market was valued at over $50 billion in 2022, according to Global Market Insights. It predicted that this market will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 6% between 2023 and 2032.

Doosan Robotics and Rocketfarm said their partnership will streamline palletizing and improve efficiency in industries including food and beverage, automotive, and consumer packaged goods.

“This partnership exemplifies Doosan’s commitment to democratizing automation and making advanced robotics technology more accessible to businesses of all sizes from numerous industries,” stated Alex Lee, president of Doosan Robotics Americas. “Our solutions are safe, efficient, and creative as they transform work processes and complex scenarios.”

Seoul, South Korea-based Doosan claimed that it is a global leader in collaborative robots, providing safety, payload capacity, and reach for applications across sectors. The company, whose U.S. offices are in Plano, Texas, offers the Dr.Dart-Suite ecosystem and a range of cobots.

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What will Rocketfarm Pally bring to Doosan’s cobots?

Pally is flexible and quick to install, making robots easy to operate, said Rocketfarm. The Sogndal, Norway-based company asserted that its software can optimize and simplify automated palletizing.

Pally is compatible with different collaborative robots on the market. Rocketfarm said it designed the software so that no coding experience is required. The system can optimize pick-up gripper orientation, increase productivity and safety, and minimize time on-site for training, it said.

“We are dedicated to providing more accessible and efficient palletizing automation solutions for companies around the world,” said Egil Munda, CEO of Rocketfarm. “Expanding our capabilities with innovative partners such as Doosan Robotics aligns with that commitment while expanding our Pally software capabilities.”

When paired with Pally, Doosan its robots can expand the possibilities for palletizing applications. Rocketfarm and Doosan noted that their integrated system will be simpler, faster, and more versatile than previous palletizing systems.

Doosan focuses on palletizing with PRIME-SERIES cobots

Doosan Robotics has been putting an increased emphasis on palletizing so far this year. In May, it unveiled the P-SERIES (PRIME-SERIES) at Automate 2024. The series included the P3020, Doosan’s most powerful palletizing robot yet.

The P3020 offers a payload of 30 kg (66 lb.) and a reach of 2,030 mm (80 in.). It is able to palletize from the floor to 2 m high, stacking up to 10 layers of boxes approximately 20 cm (8 in.) tall, using its simple fixed base without a lift.

Doosan said its P-SERIES consumes less power than cobots with similar payload capacities. It does this by applying its built-in gravity compensation mechanism, inherent wrist-singularity free, and a five degree-of-freedom movement with the fourth axis removed and sixth axis speed increased to 360 degrees/second. 

The robot has also achieved the highest PL(e) and Cat 4 safety ratings to ensure a maximum-powered and safe experience for users, said Doosan.

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