ROEQ launches new cart solution for OMRON LD90 AMR with 130 kg payload

ROEQ expands its product line with a new cart solution for the OMRON LD90 autonomous mobile robot (AMR). At Automate 2023, the company debuts the ROEQ TMC130 solution: a top module and cart system for the OMRON LD-90x that increases payload from 90kg (41 lbs) up to 130kg (59 lbs). Developed in collaboration with OMRON, the TMC130 solution expands options for customers to safely and reliably use the compact LD-90x robot for higher payload missions, even where space is constrained. The new product joins its ‘big brother’ the ROEQ TMC500 announced in September 2022, which doubles the payload capacity of the OMRON LD-250 robots.

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with ROEQ on this new cart system for our LD line,” said Kyle Hable, Group Product Manager, OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies, Inc. “Products like the TMC500 and TMC130 not only increase the payload of our mobile robots, they also give customers an off-the-shelf solution that greatly simplifies their automation development process.”

Cart design evolves with the ROEQ TMC130

Omron LD Mobile Robot Cart Transporter
The original OMRON Cart Transporter solution.

Adept Technology (acquired by OMRON in 2016) was the first mobile robotics company to introduce an AMR-based cart transporter solution for the Adept Lynx LD90 (the progenitor to the OMRON LD90) to the market in 2015.

The Adept Cart Transporter featured a mast that included a Human Machine Interface, e-stops, and side LiDAR units to ensure the AMR wouldn’t drive under any overhanging obstacles.

The Adept Cart Transporter inspired the other AMR vendors to develop their own cart-based transport solutions for AMRs.

Fast forward eight years, and ROEQ is now a market leader in designing and engineering third-party payload solutions for AMRs. The company has fitted cart solutions for MiR and Continental AMRs as well.

Michael Ejstrup Hansen, ROEQ Managing Director says, “Our first OMRON product had a very positive market reception, and we’re looking forward to showing Automate audiences this new addition to the ROEQ portfolio of high-quality cart systems. For customers looking to automate tasks such as quickly moving smaller, lighter cargo between workstations or shelves – even in narrow spaces where larger carts are challenged – this is an ideal solution,” he says, adding that more products are in the pipeline, including a lifter which ROEQ looks forward to showcasing later this year.

Like other ROEQ cart systems, the TMC130 can dock to the cart from both ends and offers the flexibility of free space for pick-up and drop-off, making it easy to adapt to almost any workplace needs. The TMC130 includes mounting holes for accessories such as light towers and the ROEQ Cart130, allowing easy crates and shelving adaptation. As with all ROEQ solutions, the TMC130 system is designed to comply with relevant safety standards, and it comes with ROEQ Assist software for easy and consistent set-up with the OMRON mobile robot. The new cart and top module system work with OMRON’s own panel, has six wheels for easy maneuverability, and has a side laser kit available for increased obstacle avoidance.

The ROEQ TMC130 system for the OMRON LD-90x is expected to be available in the summer of 2023.

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