Savoye shows first HAI ROBOTICS AMR in Europe

Hai Robot moves boxes at the Savoye warehouse

HAI ROBOTICS is seeing its intelligent warehousing solution HAIPICK system presented for the first time in Europe by its global partner and renowned system integrator Savoye. The HAIPICK system that pioneered totes-to-person material handling is showcased at Log!Ville, a demonstration center that promotes innovative logistics solutions in Belgium.

This is a major move symbolizing the joint efforts to promote more efficient goods-to-person warehousing logistics solutions by the two parties who have teamed up for consolidated benefits for global warehouse operators.

HAI Robotics new case handling robot in a warehouse
The new HAI Robotics case handling AMRs offer extended reach. | Image credit: HAI Robotics

The HAIPICK system is an innovative logistics solution that uses autonomous case-handling robot (ACR) to collect cases and take them to a goods-to-person picking station. The brand-new solution combines ACRs that pick and place totes and cartons from 5 to 7-meter shelves with Savoye’s own systems, such as the X-PTS pick stations.

The HAIPICK solution is a flexible and scalable solution that benefits from a fast installation time. According to Savoye, it is incredibly quick to install a HAIPICK system. The demo installation was up and running within a week. The demo consists of two 4.2-meter-high shelves, a robot, and a picking station – not full-scale, but large enough to demonstrate how it works and the benefits it offers.

The solution is intended for medium-sized and large companies with slow and mid-paced picking operations involving average to large numbers of SKUs. This is the market segment between manual picking and shuttle systems. One of the most significant advantages is that the system is scalable and can grow as the company grows.

Strategic Partnership

In September 2021, HAI ROBOTICS and Savoye announced a strategic partnership to make automated warehouse technology accessible to the supply chain in Europe and other parts of the world.

The partnership leverages Savoye’s expertise in supply chain and warehouse automation and HAI ROBOTICS range of solutions for goods-to-person, meeting high-performance needs of warehouses and factories.

HAI Robotics booth at CEMAT ASIA
The new HAI Robotics case handling AMRs family includes three new robots. | Image credit: HAI Robotics


  • Rapid deployment time – Full compliance with local EU regulations & CE standards, more than 300 successful deployments.
  • Efficiency & accuracy – 300% throughput improvement, real estate optimization, 99.9% accuracy.
  • Reliability & sustainability – Existing sites running for 3 years, annual asset maintenance.
  • Flexibility & scalability – Easy-to-scale from few robots to hundreds of robots; integration with other autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and other warehouse management software.


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