Seegrid opens early access program to select customers

Seegrid Palion LIft Truck
Seegrid Palion Lift Truck

Seegrid Corporation announced it is giving select customers early access to Seegrid Palion Lift AMR, the company’s newest AMR. The select customers receiving first priority access to the highly anticipated Palion Lift are part of the Seegrid Technology Early-Access Program (STEP).

Participants in STEP receive a dedicated Seegrid team, gain exclusive opportunities to experience and provide feedback on new Seegrid technology, obtain insights into product roadmaps, and have the ability to impact innovative new products like the Palion Lift, an AMR that uniquely addresses major supply chain challenges.

Palion Lift addresses customer pain points around safety optimizing operations during a time of high demand and labor shortages by adding novel automated workflows. The lift truck AMR automates the movement of palletized goods in workflows that involve transporting payloads throughout the customer operation, retrieving and placing them at heights of up to six feet for a complete, end-to-end solution.

“Supply chain pressure is at an all-time high, and Seegrid Palion Lift will become a critical part of our customers’ operations,” said Jim Rock, Seegrid’s Chief Executive Officer. “STEP puts Palion Lift into select customers’ live production environments now, and provides companies participating in the program the ability to fine-tune and validate automated vertical lift applications.”

Seegrid’s AI-based algorithm collects and prioritizes massive amounts of real-world, live data, enabling Seegrid robots to safely and reliably navigate in busy, ever-changing industrial environments without any fixed infrastructure. Customer insights from STEP will enable Seegrid to add valuable, real-world production data to advance machine learning models in this highly anticipated autonomous lift truck.

“Safety is a primary driver for logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing companies to make the transition from manual lift trucks to autonomous lift trucks,” said Todd Graves, Chief Technology Officer for Seegrid. “Safe, predictable vertical movement requires highly complex algorithms and advanced sensing—Seegrid is uniquely equipped to develop and deliver robots that can navigate with human-like agility but with the spatial awareness that far exceeds the safety record of manual lift trucks.”

In addition to the Palion Lift AMR, Seegrid also released upgrades to its Palion Tow Tractor and Palion Pallet Truck, extending the end-to-end capabilities of the company’s fleet of mobile robotic solutions, and introduced Fleet Geek , a cloud-based analytics solution that empowers users with critical insights to optimize workflows, increase utilization, quantify the value of automation, and scale automation initiatives across the enterprise.

Seegrid is a technology innovator and leader, rapidly evolving its vision-based navigation technology and enterprise software to optimize performance and maximize customer value since its founding in 2003. The company’s latest proprietary technology breakthrough leverages the strengths of cameras and 3D LiDAR, fusing multiple sensor inputs through advanced, proprietary algorithms to create the most reliable AMRs on the market. The company’s autonomous mobile fleet recently collectively surpassed six million autonomous miles driven in customer operations without a single personnel safety incident.

“Seegrid customers have put their trust in us to help them safely increase productivity in their highly dynamic and complex factories and warehouses,” said Rock. “We are uniquely committed to doing just that.”

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