Segway demonstrates Servebot S1

Segway Servebot S1 at International Franchise Show in Seoul, Korea.
Segway Servebot S1 at International Franchise Show in Seoul, Korea. | Credit: Segway

Segway Robotics demoed the Servebot S1 solution at the recent International Franchise Show in Seoul. The company partnered with the Korean company Robo-wide as it expands into south Asia. The tradeshow was an opportunity to get the attention of the broader food service market.

Segway-Ninebot manufactures a number of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. Segway Robotics is a newly formed subsidiary of Segway-Ninebot Group. The company set up its Seoul office in 2017. Then, after foraying into the delivery robot market in 2019, Segway Robotics chose to collaborate with Robo-wide in marketing and sales.

Segway Servebot S1 with food
The Segway Servebot S1 is designed for restaurant front-of-house operations. | Credit: Segway Robotics

With automated delivery functions, the Segway Servebot S1 is a great way for business owners to deliver food, greet and attract customers, and bus the tables. With 3 open trays, smart route planning, and the ability to avoid obstacles in all directions, the Servebot S1 is capable of simultaneous delivery operations in a busy environment. This frees up restaurant staff from doing repetitive tasks so they can do more valuable work, and improve efficiency.

The robot features:

  • 3 large trays
  • 24.6 kg (66 lb) payload capacity
  • 300° open trays
  • Ability to sing happy birthday songs!
  • On board advertising

The food delivery robot is equipped with a self-developed tray frame, which has a large payload and can recycle multiple plates at one time. The fall-protection buckle on the trays ensures that the things they carry do not fall off when the robot is moving.

With better technology, the delivery robot industry is growing at a rate that has never been seen before. More companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia-Pacific are now working with Segway to deliver goods indoors and outdoors. Segway Robotics has put a lot of effort into working together to make delivery robots more popular around the world.

Along with Segway-Ninebot’s mission to simplify the movement of people and things and make life more convenient, Segway Robotics is dedicated to making indoor and outdoor delivery safer, smarter and more reliable. With its internationally competitive e-scooters, self-balancing vehicles and e-mopeds, Segway-Ninebot is positioned to scale its growth in the robotics industry through its supply chain resources and agencies around the world.

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