SESTO Robotics Launches 300 kg SESTO Magnus Autonomous Mobile Robot for Material Handling

Singapore based autonomous mobile robot company SESTO Robotics has launched SESTO Magnus – a bi-directional, compact autonomous mobile robot able to carry loads up to 300kg. SESTO Magnus is designed to automate material handling processes in manufacturing, commercial and healthcare industries.

Manufacturing Floor Space is Tight in Singapore

Manufacturing space is a premium in Singapore and in Southeast Asia. So it makes perfect sense that SESTO optimized the Magnus capabilities to carry a large payload while being able to operate in aisles as narrow as 0.9 meters. Magnus also features the ability to reverse it’s path, without having to turn around. This bi-directionality is a unique feature for an AMR, and is a bullseye for SESTO’s target market.

The SESTO Magnus is narrower than the current generation of AMR from SESTO, the SESTO ​Magnus and it has a 300 kg payload vs the Element’s 200 kg payload. The analysis of the Mobile Robot Guide staff is that the Magnus is a replacement platform for the Element.

SESTO Magnus Fills a Unique Niche

Mr Ang Chor Chen, Chief Executive of SESTO Robotics said, “With the world easing into the COVID-19 new normal, there is an accelerated urgency for manufacturers and non-manufacturing industries to quickly automate their processes while ensuring safe management measures such as staggered workforce or spilt team arrangements. SESTO Magnus’ small and low profile is designed with manufacturing, healthcare and commercial facilities in mind. Its intelligent software controls enable it to operate safely in narrow passageways and amongst people.”

SESTO Magnus is highly versatile and can be configured with limitless applications of autonomous material transportation. SESTO has already proven their ability to engineer unique payloads for thier AMR’s, with the recent release of the SESTO HealthGUARD (as disinfection solution using UV light and biocide spraying). We expect to see the Magnus get embedded in a variety of unique solutions from SESTO in the future.

“Current manual handling and transportation processes are often time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, repeated manual handling of heavy loads may lead to labour injuries and accidents. With SESTO Magnus, it reduces the dependency on manual labour which has become a priority for many companies in recent months, as COVID-19 caused major disruptions to the availability of on-premise employees,” added Ang.

SESTO Magnus Inherits a Strong Legacy of Ease of Use

SESTO Magnus is powered by SESTO’s proprietary user-friendly interface, operators can easily deploy SESTO Magnus for material transportation using a tablet or laptop. The robot provides high uptime of up to ten hours on a single charge and fast battery charging in three hours.

SESTO Magnus front view, showing LIDAR unit

SESTO Magnus front view, showing LIDAR unit (image courtesy of SESTO)

Equipped with low range 270⁰ 2D LIDARS on the front and rear, SESTO Magnus ensures safety with its improved navigation and obstacle detection capabilities. For example, in a busy narrow corridor of a healthcare facility, SESTO Magnus will stop once it detects an obstacle in its path, like a trolley or even a wheelchair. It will wait for the obstacle to be cleared, or reroute after some time. This intelligent behaviour assures facility managers that SESTO Magnus is safe to be deployed in environments where not all the people “crossing paths” with autonomous mobile robots are familiar with them.   

Designed and made in Singapore, SESTO autonomous mobile robots are versatile and safe, and automate labour-intensive and repetitive tasks in healthcare and manufacturing facilities.

A Growing AMR Market

The global AGV & AMR market is expected to grow from USD 2.2 billion 2020 to USD 9.9 billion in 2023, according to a report by Interact Analysis. While COVID has delayed some automation projects, AMR revenue growth is predicted to double in 2021. The 2023 revenues of the AMR and AGV market is predicted to be nearly USD 600 million higher post-COVID19.

SESTO autonomous mobile robots help industries and organisations worldwide address labour shortage, thereby reducing operating expenses while improving productivity. SESTO Magnus is an addition to SESTO Robotics’ suite of autonomous mobile robot solutions that are scalable and versatile.

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