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​Sherpa Mobile Robotics

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  • ​Sherpa B100
  • Sherpa ​B200
  • ​Sherpa P500
  • ​Sherpa P1000
  • ​Sherpa B (Disinfection)
  • Sherpa W (Disinfection)


  • Goods-to-Person
  • Person-to-Goods
  • Goods-to-box
  • ​Pallet moving
  • ​Disinfection


​Sherpa Mobile Robotics is new AMR ​startup, based in France. However, the solution has its design roots in a collaboration between Balyo and the company Norcan. NORCAN is the leader in France and one of the major operators in Europe in the field of modular and custom-built machine-assembled solutions. NORCAN, a specialist in the optimization of production tools and, more broadly, work tools in genera​l. 

Sherpa is an independent organization and recently launched ​it’s first product line, the Sherpa B AMR. ​This solution is focused on logistics and warehouse applications.

​Later this year, Sherpa Mobile Robotics will launch the Sherpa P AMR product line.

​Sherpa Mobile Robotics is deploying the solution in France and Germany in 2020. In 2021, they are planning to expand to the rest of Europe and North America.

Sherpa B AMR

The Sherpa B product line is designed to handle bins (thus the “B” designation). There are currently two payload mass models: The Sherpa B100 can carry 100 Kg (268 lbs) and the Sherpa B200 can carry up to 200 Kg (536 lbs).

Sherpa bin moving robot

The Sherpa B (Bin) robot (image courtesy of Sherpa Robotics)

Sherpa Mobile Robotics has developed a complete line of payloads for the Sherpa B product line. ​This includes payloads for carrying static bins, and multiple different active conveyor solutions. 

The AMRs offer an operating time of up to 10 hrs per charge.

Sherpa Datasheet

​Sherpa Mobile Robotics payload options for the Sherpa B AMR (Image courtesy of Sherpa Robotics)

Sherpa P Robot

​Sherpa Mobile Robotics has a large format AMR capable of moving pallets. The Sherpa P product line is available in two different payload configurations. The Sherpa P500 can move up to 500 Kg (1,102 lbs) and the Sherpa P1000 can move up to 1000 Kg (2,679 lbs). The P500 has a maximum speed of ​1,900 mm/s (4.4 mph) and the P1000 has a maximum speed of ​1,111 mm/sec (2.5 mph).

Sherpa Pallet moving robot

The Sherpa P (Pallet) robot (image courtesy of Sherpa Robotics)

​Sherpa Disinfection Robots

​France based Sherpa Mobile Robots ​have announced two disinfection solutions based on their mobile robot platforms. Both robots employ a payload with the Phileas® centrifugation technology by DEVEA. The process has been validated in accordance with the standard 72-281 version fo 2014 and has obtained its marketing authorization, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the Phileas system on viruses at 99/99%.

The Sherpa-B deploys the Phileas payload on the Sherpa AMR base. This fully autonomous vehicle can navigate your facility while deploying the disinfectant fog.

The Sherpa-W deploys the Phileas payload on a narrower Sherpa-designed AMR base. The Sherpa-W is designed for airlines, businesses and retail spaces.

Sherpa Mobile Robots Sprayer Disinfection Robots

Sherpa Mobile Robots Sprayer Disinfection Robots (Image courtesy of Sherpa Mobile Robots)

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