Solaris Disinfection Acquires AMR Manufacturer Jetbrain

Solaris Disinfection Inc., whose flagship Lytbot automated disinfection system is currently being used by hospitals across North America in the battle against COVID-19, announced today the acquisition of Jetbrain Robotics, an innovator in hospital logistics and patient experience using autonomous mobile robotics (AMR). Invested in and supported by world-class investors Brinc & Artesian Venture Partners (AVP), Jetbrain’s technology improves operational workflows in complex healthcare environments, providing quantifiable efficiencies and patient experience improvements. 

Since 2017, Solaris has conducted research on the effectiveness of its pulsed UV technology against communicable human respiratory viruses like novel coronaviruses (COVID-19) with outcomes proving its ability to eradicate +99% of such pathogens in as little as 10 seconds. “COVID has accelerated robotics deployment by five years,” said Adam Steinhoff, Co-Founder, and CEO, Solaris. “In continuing our mission to improve the safety of patients and support healthcare workers, we identified Jetbrain’s technology as an opportunity to improve upon our core products while providing safety, accountability and compliance-based platform technologies that help our customers effectively utilize resources and improve workflows.”

Adds Val Ramanand, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Solaris, “At Solaris we are very proud of the growing impact we make on a daily basis in the healthcare industry by delivering practical and approachable products, designed to improve patient outcomes and healthcare operations. The acquisition of Jetbrain supports our continued mission to improve care, keep spaces safe, and ultimately help save lives in healthcare facilities globally.”

JetBrain AMRO and ARYA robots

JetBrain AMRO and ARYA robots (image courtesy of JetBrain Robotics)

Jetbrain products include delivery robots that feature a secure and traceable chain of custody for medicines and blood products, as well as patient experience robots that provide anything from clinical support to wayfinding help. The addition of Jetbrain’s team enhances Solaris’s expertise in healthcare robotics while extending its offering from whole room disinfection to automated delivery, logistics, and ultimately patient experience – thus delivering industry’s first ecosystem approach to healthcare robotics.

JetBrain UVC Light robot

The JetBrain UVC Light robot can autonomously navigate around a facility. (Image courtesy of JetBrain)

“With its growing market position and extensive distribution network, Solaris is well-positioned to help us further develop and deploy our technologies while continuing to support our mission of improving healthcare using cutting edge AMR technologies across a broad spectrum of use cases,” said Ajay Vishnu, Founder & CEO of Jetbrain Robotics, who assumes the role of CTO in the merged entity.

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