Spacee adds virtual walkthrough feature to Deming solution

Spacee releases a new virtual walkthrough feature to the Deming ROVR inventory management solution. | Credit: Spacee

A new version of Spacee’s Deming shelf-mounted robots with live video stream capabilities has been released, letting retail shop managers see shelves and collect real-time inventory pictures from a distance.

Skip Howard, founder and CEO of Spacee, said: “There is a huge gap between what data retailers can collect in their e-commerce operations and what they can get from physical stores. Spacee helps fill that gap with critical in-store customer and supply chain data. Our latest Deming robots now take it to the next level with live and recorded video feeds.”

Spacee’s unobtrusive Deming robots quietly scour store shelves for stock information. Deming can offer an accurate inventory accounting of the entire facility in under a minute, but it can take personnel many days to gather inventory manually or a full day for a floor robot. The installation of a Deming rail only takes about 30 minutes per aisle and a single tool.

The company is now hiring regional and vertical market managers to shepherd the Spacee Deming solution’s launch into several new markets and regions.

Halim El Roumi, regional director at Spacee, said: “The UAE is a nurturing ground for innovation, helping elevate virtually every industry. Deming has been proven to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce stockouts and waste, and reduce costs, elevating retail businesses in the UAE and GCC. We look forward to continually empowering the region and reflecting the utmost in AI innovations in service of customers and clients.”

Deming is a crucial tool for merchants who fulfill online purchases by retrieving items from a physical location. Deming generates a video walkthrough that managers can access from anywhere and gives precise, near-real-time data. Deming’s video walkthrough feature is a standalone option, but retailers may also add on other uses, such as inventory tracking.

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