Stratom demonstrates its new ATLAS autonomous pallet loader vehicle

Stratom Atlas
The Stratom Atlas is a tracked AMR capable of operating in the field to help with logistics operations to load/unload aircrafts. | Credit: Stratom

Stratom, a developer of autonomous ground vehicles and robotic systems for logistics and operational applications, announced the successful field demonstration of its patent-pending ATLAS vehicle, Stratom’s advanced autonomous pallet loader (APL).

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Stratom’s ATLAS platform decreases crew requirements for loading, unloading, and moving freight in military and commercial applications, eventually enhancing speed, flexibility, efficiency, dependability, and safety.

The U.S. Marine Corps awarded Stratom a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 contract in June 2017 to create a prototype autonomous pallet loader. Because loading and unloading cargo from aircraft may be challenging and risky, the ATLAS platform was chosen to exponentially improve the efficiency and safety of aircraft cargo loading duties.

Stratom Atlas robot
The robot features a payload lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs | Credit: Stratom

With its superior maneuverability, groundbreaking lift ratios, and cross-deck load-shifting capabilities, ATLAS simplifies and improves the safety of carrying items in harsh situations. Using Stratom’s Summit software, ATLAS has been built to automatically pick up and transfer heavy 463L pallets weighing 10,000 pounds between aircraft, transport vehicles, and warehouses across a variety of indoor and off-road terrains.

ATLAS’ efficient design is significantly lighter and more compact than conventional forklifts, allowing it to carry big freight quickly and function in restricted spaces. ATLAS utilizes Stratom’s patented powered rollers to expedite the movement of cargo from the forks to racks, cars, and aircraft, whereas traditional forklifts find it difficult to move pallets across docks.

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